What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

What I Have Learned from #BlogHer18 Creator Summit

Last week I went to NYC to attend the BlogHer18 Creator Summit. I have been a blogger for almost four years, but I only have been to one conference as a blogging workshop host to share my experience. Since this year, I started blogging full-time. I quickly realized that I needed to treat this as a real business, not my hobby anymore. That means, my mindset and knowledge need some serious update. So, I have set some budget aside to learn more.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

Before I went, I already prepared myself for the kind of outcome I will get out of it. Just like I have read, I met a few people there that were not so pleased with the conference. For me, the bigger conferences, like BlogHer, are usually good for learning the new trends and strategies in the world of blogging, social media, and technology. If I want to learn some hands-on skills, like how to take better photos, I will pick a small-size workshop to get the tools that I need for blogging.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

Anyway, below are some notes I took during the two-day conference.

1. We post daily as an influencer, so we must find our purpose. After finding the why, everything we post will be within a system and serve for the purpose.

2. If a small business has no heart, it will not connect with clients very well. Be the storyteller, and interact with clients.

3. When there are more people depending on you, you have more power. So, be the expert or at least place yourself as an expert.

4. Brands are looking for the storytelling-type influencers more and more.

5. Use IG story to show your personality

6. Decide on what my values are for followers. Entertaining? Educational? Inspiring?

7. 80% of the content online that people consume is videos.

8. People love IG Stories better than IGTV now. But, I bet this will change after they get used to IGTV.

9. When creating videos, the sound quality comes first, then the lighting.

10. Best tools for videos: Adobe Sparks/ FiLMiC Pro app

11. The blog is not dead yet. In fact, it is the platform that no one can take away because it is yours. But someday Instagram can change, or disappear.

BlogHer has been known as an empowering event for women.

Marie Forleo (named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation!) shared the strategies to create a career and life.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit


Gabrielle Union had a candid conversation on issues that affect women everywhere. With a dose of humor and empathy, Gabrielle taught us all a lesson on empowerment and self-love.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

Maria Menounos discussed her career as a journalist, and how she uses her platform for good. I can’t believe her mom and her both got brain cancer almost the same time. They both fight back and are healthy now. She mentioned so much about finding a life purpose, which is so dear to my heart.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

Then Amy Schumer surprised us with a short, and funny, talk on women empowerment.

What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

Overall, we need to see the bigger picture of helping others, and not just focusing on personal success.

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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