#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau
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What word are you going to use to describe this dress I am wearing? Modern? Bold? Alluring? Feminine? Minimalist? Or sophisticated? I have to say, this exquisite NYC brand, a CFDA award winner—Cushnie fits all.

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

This is the go-to brand for celebrities like Michelle Obama, Gal Gadot, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lopez and many others; this brand features a feminine, sophisticated look for the modern, confident woman. I must say I did feel like a #girlboss when I was rocking this dress. Where can you get your hands on something like this? I know you can’t wait to know. Lol. You have to be a little bit patient.

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

Cushnie products will be available in the Drop sale at Recleau.com on October 1-3.The Dropsale will feature Cushnie’s Pre-Fall and Fall 2018 collections (in-season), as well as some of the recent collections like Resort and Spring 2018. As explained later, I feel like this is an awesome way to get introduced to premium designer brands.

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

Not sure what #Dropsale is? I can help you with this as well! Dropsale is an immersive fashion experience, where one premium designer brand is featured to private members for a limited period of time and it showcases select in-season clothes, shoes and handbags, Ready-to-wear, activewear—you name it.

Those members can be the first to score the new Fall collection pieces with a discounted price tag which you will not find anywhere else. Fresh new brand for every Dropsale so there’s always something exciting to look forward to.

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

Sounds pretty cool, right? Summer flows right into fall, and it is time to put away the swimsuits and step into the spotlight with Cushnie’s Fall 2018 collection. You can join me to rock those statement dresses and standout from the crowd.

You can sign up membership service at Recleau for the upcoming Cushnie’s Dropsale (as an early member you can join for FREE – hurry!).

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

Exclusive access and members-only pricing (how the site works)
The way the site work is as follows:

The items are split into categories and between in-season and recent season.

For in-season items (Pre-Fall 2018 and Fall 2018 Collections) you need to use a special code to see the promotion (you apply at the checkout, Recleau sends you the code), since items are displayed at full price

Recent seasons items display already at amazing prices (Spring 2018, Resort 2018, and other Collections.)

I see these products at other retailers either at full price for in-season products (Pre-Fall and Fall 18) or at much less attractive promotions (for recent seasons like Resort and Spring/Summer 18). I love it!

If you have an appreciation for luxury at a good value, and you are confident modern women that are not afraid to stand out, this drop sale will be an excellent opportunity for you to find some timeless and sophisticated pieces that you can wear year after year.

#Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@melita_moda_

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