See The World || Greece/Santorini Trip Recap
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See The World || Greece/Santorini Trip Recap

Santorini has been on my bucket list for many years! This year I finally decided to just make it happen. I chose to go in October because I read it is the off season. So much went into the preparation for this vacation- from renewing my passport, packing, planning the itinerary and looking into sites like to find a rental car to assist me in checking out what this island has to offer. But this all paid off, as everything about this place is amazing.

I am not a big fan with millions people around any more. Since I have lived in Shanghai for 9 years, I really enjoy the peaceful small town life now. 😉

See The World || Greece/Santorini Trip Recap

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you probably have already seen all the photos and videos I posted about my trip. If not, here you go. 🙂

Day 1: Arrive in Athens. 7 hours time difference, overnight flight and 3 hours bus ride to hotel, I was excited. Went out for late lunch then took a nap and then ordered room service for dinner. I am on vacation, so just relax, right? Lol! Make sure you read this IG caption, there was a cute story that day!

Day 2: Visited Acropolis in Athens. Met a new friend too! Make sure you watch the short video and you will see her!;)

Day 3: Travel from Athens to Santorini by ferry. A super long day again! But the view was totally worth it! I had a super nice suite at my villa right next to the ocean! I enjoyed my ocean view lunch and sunset dinner very much. For a foodie, Greece is the heaven for me! Lol!

Day 4: Booked a sunset cruise tour and met more new friends.

I had a lot of Instagram issues, like blocking, could’t post videos and so on. You can see the video about that day on my Facebook below.

Day 5: Photo shoot!

My vacation has never been pure vacation because I need to get all the material for my blog and social media later. I hired a local bus driver to take me around the island and take photos for me. The most questions I have been asked about is “Who is your photographer?” Lol, you see, I don’t really have one. I just find whoever I can find at that moment and ask them to take photos of me. 😉 Below is one of the photos my driver took. Later I enjoyed one person candle light dinner at my villa. 🙂

Again, you can watch a short video on my Facebook below.

Day 6: Whole day bus tour to see all the places in Santorini. Met more new friends and ate more super yummy food of course!

Below is another video for that day!

Day 7: Travel back to Athens by ferry. I took a morning walk before I left. Really beautiful place! You can swipe left to watch a short video for more views!

Day 8, Travel back from Athens. Below are more photos and videos from Santorini!

If you love food, definitely you need to go to Greece. Santorini is probably the most beautiful island that I have ever been, so YES! You should go if you haven’t!

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Photo credit: Grace Liang

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