2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas
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2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

This post is partnered with adidas, but all the opinions are my own.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

The weather is getting colder. I am not a big fan of the cold. On the bright side, the holiday seasons are right around the corner. Curling up next to the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, watching holiday movies, and playing card games with family or friends… these are some of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Oh, and the gift exchanges… my family is always good at coming up with some very cool and clever gifts.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

I am a planner and like to prepare ahead of time, so I can truly enjoy and celebrate the holiday season rather than be stressed over last minute gift shopping. Since last year When I started my gym journey, adidas has become one of my favorite brands to wear when I work out. Later, I discovered they have so many products that are not just for working out, but also for a relaxing day either chilling at home or running errands during the weekends. I love a comfy, but still stylish, look, so I paired my new CLRDO HOODIE with a more polished coat to make a statement.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

Do you like adding a sporty vibe to your fashionable look? Share with us what your go-to piece is when you do so.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

Other than a warm hoodie, a pair of comfy sneakers is a top choice for a gift too! My friend bought her sister some Vessi waterproof sneakers for christmas and she loved them! I have to say sneakers make a great gift all year long, but the holiday season is the absolute best time to get a new pair for someone special. Whether you’re shopping for a true sneaker collector or are simply running out of gift ideas, you really can’t go wrong. There’s no such thing as having too many sneakers, right? Lol! The perfect pair for everyone on your shopping list can be different and you can find so many choices at adidas.

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Talking about sneakers, my absolute favorite ones from adidas has to be the iconic adidas Superstar. Originally released in 1969, the adidas Superstar is a classic sneaker. Designed as a premium basketball sneaker that dominated the courts in the 70s, it was first recognized for its fashionable style in the 80s. Still to this day, the iconic shell-toe can be found on the feet of many. Literally, anybody you give these to as a gift will look good in them.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide and Deals With Adidas

Watch out for some great deals for this holiday season from adidas. Happy shopping!

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