During the holiday seasons, I like to watch movies to build up my holiday cheers. A few nights ago I watched The Christmas Chronicles and really loved it. I am not from a long line family of true believers, lol! But I really believe in miracle of life. I think Santa represents the miracle power that we all have in us that we just have to choose to believe in ourselves. So this movie got me thinking, what if I am the director of this movie called MY OWN LIFE? What type of movie am I going to make? Drama? Action? Adventure? Comedy? Crime? Family? Fantasy? Mystery? Romance? Lol! There are so many choices!

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

In fact, I AM already the movie director of my own 44 years of life. If I watch my own life movie as a stranger on Netflix, I have to say it is quite an interesting one. At least to myself, Lol! It has a very humble beginning, struggles in conflicts with survival, love, loss, finding life purpose and living life fully. My movie shows me as a human being at my best, my worst, and everything in-between. But it all has one pattern, that is eventually I made it to a happy ending.

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

Based on the average of life expectancy, I probably still have at least another 40 years of life to continue in this movie called Grace’s Life Story. What would I direct the movie about my life intentionally? Lol, it sounds like I need a vision board and life plan before writing this script for my movie, right? In fact, I do have a vision board for 2018 and plan to update it soon before the New Year. I usually block one day to write down a super detailed life plan too. I have to talk about that in a later post. šŸ˜‰

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

Anyway, according to where I am at now in my life story, I determined to create more happy ending stories. I know there is no way to be happy all the way to the end, but at least, I know how this life thing works by now. Lol! It’s not the life event decides my quality of life, it is what I think, or do with those life events. For example, I lost my late husband, this event interrupted the quality of my life, but after I survived, I created a new way to be happy again. The new way is to take the life after the loss as an opportunity to rediscover myself and create a new way of living without him.

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

So the quality of life starts with how I communicate with myself or choose to believe. For example, a few days ago a friend said that he thinks I am a successful person. I was like, no, I don’t think so. I am still so far far away from making the million dollars that I wanted to start my Life after loss foundation. I only barely can support myself now. Lol. Later when I chatted with a different friend. He corrected me “You ARE successful! You have overcome many times and turned your life around. You are doing what you love and happy most of the times. Being successful is not just about money.” I was like, that is so true! How can I fall back to the old habit again?! I instantly felt different. Lol. Yes, I am successful!

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

Those moments of realization just showed again that we determine how we feel by the meaning we give to the event, or whatever is happening in our life. Now I know this secret, I can decide what meanings to give everything in my life. Damaged childhood? Naah, it was just hardships that I encountered and I can heal myself by learning how to love myself and forgive others. Life is unfair and I am depressed because I lost my father and late husband? No, it was just the push to make me being truly independent and pursuit higher level of self-awareness without attaching myself to anyone. I am out of luck finding my soulmate again since I already got one before? Naah! I am very experienced on how to create a close relationship so when I see it, I can recognize it. What my life movie will be about in the next 40+ years? I determined it will be about passion and love for life. My movie will be a combination of Adventure, Family, Romance, Comedy and very little Drama! What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

Being The Best of Me || What Would You Direct The Movie About Your Life?

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  1. Grace, this is such a fun and interesting topic for your blog post! As I follow your journey, I realize that you and I seem to be coming to similar life realizations at exactly the same time. I am also 44 and I feel like every day I learn something new about myself and about life. And with each new lesson, my life becomes more fulfilled. I am loving this journey through midlife. And it is so fun to have amazing blogger friends to travel alongside of me!


  2. Laura Benjamin

    What would my life movie be like? I shudder to revisit some of those times, but I learned so much! So it should be educational as well as entertaining to people who don’t have to live it LOL!
    You are always interesting to read when you write about life. I am a big horse so petite fashion is sort of beyond me, but your take on life is so comforting! Thank you and happy holidays!

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