I always have a thing about French style. I think the biggest difference between French women and rest of the world, is they really know how to use the simplest pieces to look elegant and sexy the same time. Each of them has very unique styles and never go over the top by using too many trendy pieces. So let’s talk about this winter being an over 40s petite girl how to dress like a French women.

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

I have been to Paris for a few times, and there were a lot of locals mistakened me as one of them. Lol! I guess I am pretty good at camouflaging. You can read my previous posts WHAT TO WEAR WHEN TRAVELING IN PARIS | DRESS LIKE A PARISIAN, SEE THE WORLD || WHAT TO WEAR TO PARIS IN LATE MARCH, LIFE AFTER LOSS MY SOLO TRIP TO PARIS PART 1, and LIFE AFTER LOSS MY SOLO TRIP TO PARIS PART 2 to see all of the outfits that I have worn there. Want to dress like a classy French women this winter? Read on!

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

4 Simple rules for over 40s petite girls how to dress like a French women.

1. Less is More

When I think about French style for women, the key word is alway chic. No matter how the trends comes and goes, less is More is still very true for the core of French women style. For example, in this outfit, since I am wearing a hat, I will not wear statement earrings. I have one bright color on, I will not wear a second bright color.

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

2. Natural Colors Clothing Plus Red Accessories

French women don’t just have one style. Like us, different age group and different areas has very different styles. But in general, they like to wear natural colors most time of the year, especially black. When they go out for a date, or a dinner, they usually reach to some red accessories, a hat, a scarf, a bag, or bright red lip sticks.

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

3. Pick One French Style Staple Piece to Start With

In this outfit, the absolute French style staple piece is the red beret hat. After picking out the core piece, we can build on the whole outfit by using the rule #2 above. Keeping the clothing pieces in the natural colors palette and only use one bright color as the accessories.

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

4. Show Some Skin

Showing some skin in a tasteful way is another way that French women to achieve the effortless sexy look. In fact, being a petite woman, it is always a good way to balance the promotions too. I always stick with above the knee skirt or dress if my top is quite covered. If my bottom is fully covered, I usually pick a v-neck top to balance it out.

Are you a big fan of French style? Share with us what is your tricks to dress like a French women in this winter!

Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@melita_moda_

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