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What to Wear ||Valentines Winter Cold Weather Date Outfits

Yup, yup, yup! Valentine’s Day is this Thursday! No matter if you are single, dating or married, it is a day to express love to who matters in your life. It can be your best friend, your family, or your partner. So let’s not get stressed about if you have a man or women in your life to celebration this day. We are all loved and we can use this day to show our appreciation to those who love us. But if you need some help with what to wear on Valentine’s Day, I am here to help too! Read on to find out my Valentine’s Day winter cold weather date outfits suggestions.

1. Feather Lover

Living in Michigan for almost 12 years, I have collected a very big winter wardrobe. Lol! In recent years, feather jacket became my favorite to add the feminine touch of any winter looks.

What to Wear ||Valentines Winter Cold Weather Date Outfits

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Colors are the indicator of my mood

What to Wear ||Valentines Winter Cold Weather Date Outfits

Warm and Stylish || Feather Winter Coats

2. Colorful Faux Fur Jackets

What is the best way to show your playfulness and happiness than a colorful jacket, right?

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

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What to Wear ||Valentines Winter Cold Weather Date Outfits

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3. Dress with Winter Coats

Being the Best of Me || Re-enter the Dating World In My 40s

Being the Best of Me || Re-enter the Dating World In My 40s


Gray on Gray || Makes A Great Holiday Look!

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

What To Wear On Valentine Day For Women Over 40

How to wear the velvet slip dress in winter Michigan over 40 petite fashion style blog blogger winter street fashion style
2016 December

Which one of them that you will mostly wear on this Valentine’s Day?

You can read all my What To Wear series including what I have worn when I traveled around the world and for special occasions. Hope those posts will be helpful for you! 🙂

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