I have received a lot of requests to talk more about travel fashion. So here you go, my first one for you today is about the DUSTERS!


Investing In Yourself ||Walking Into Success

Before we talk about how to wear a duster, I want to make sure that everyone here understands what a duster is. Lol. For me, a duster is a lightweight and flowy coat, cardigan, or sometimes a vest. In general, it is long and floor-sweeping styles. To summarize, a duster is long as a trench, light as a kimono, and as effortless as a silk robe. Most people wear them to add a stylish layer, not expecting it as a coat to keep them warm. So basically, it is more like an accessory for me. Lol!

Travel Fashion || Wear Duster Like a Cool Kid

Dusters somehow have become my signature look when I travel. I guess it is because I just love when it is flowing in the wind when I am walking. It swipes the floors in the most dramatic way possible. Lol! Anyway, I took this same duster to New York, to Santorini, and Key West. It is a really great piece to add a fun vibe to a basic or natural colored outfit. Dusters are also a simple piece that adds a high-fashion vibe to any casual jeans-and-tee look, so naturally, I love them.

What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January


Most people use it as for a cover-up when you’re either a bit chilly or just feel slightly uncomfortable of showing too much skin. You can wear duster over mini dresses, shorts, denim cutoffs, crop tops, jeans, and bodysuits. They can even serve as a beach cover up to wear over your swimsuit as I did below. Anyway, anytime you want to feel breezy but are not too comfortable flaunting it all, at first sight, add a duster on!

What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January

What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January

The basic rules for me to wear a duster is keeping a contrast between long and short. Since the duster is usually super long, for a petite girl like me, I love to wear shorts inside to keep the balance.

What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January

Have you got your hands on an outstanding duster yet? Anyway, I do feel like a cool kid when I wear them. Lol!

What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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