The Beauty Products I Love In April 2019
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The Beauty Products I Love In April 2019

As a beauty influencer, I receive many free products to review. Below are some of the products I still love after months and years of using them. This is not a sponsored post and they are all my personal favorites in the Month of April. I will share with you more in next few months for some new additional favorites.

1. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask:

This is my fourth time buying this LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask from @laneige_us.⭐️ Each jar lasted about one year for me and I use it every night before bed after my regular skincare routine. My face is so clear thanks to it. You can find this at Sephora. I seriously can’t sleep without this mask!

The Beauty Products I Love In April 2019

2. Mission Perfection Serum From Clarins

What is my beauty secret to looking younger? One of my secrets is the help of serums. I have been using this Mission Perfection Serum from Clarins daily after I clean my face in the morning. I apply a small amount into the palm of my hand. Warm between hands before gently pressing into my skin, applying on my face, neck, and décolleté.
Serums work best when used with moisturizer applied afterward. If you only use a serum on its own it is not going to produce the best results you can get. Think of a serum as the “vitamin” and the moisturizer after as your “sealer”. A serum has smaller molecules to get deep in the layers of skin and the moisturizer “locks it in” and provides hydration needed. Are you using serum now? Are you planning to add serum into your skincare routine?


3. Double Serum From Clarins

The last few months, I have been madly in love with all serums from Clarins as you can see. Lol! After hearing many great things about this Double Serum, I finally decided to add it into my night skincare routine to give my skin a boost of anti-aging.

The Beauty Products I Love In April 2019

I was worried it would be oily, as it certainly appears oily, but it absorbs very quickly and leaves my face feeling quite moisturized and not sticky at all. After a few days, close friends started to compliment my complexion. They said I looked well-rested. Lol!

Whatever you do for your skin today, you will thank yourself ten years later!

4. A Few Things from 1001_remedies

My super busy schedule often makes my anxiety levels run pretty high, and I often lose sleep. Luckily, I found some help from 1001_remedies.

I spray Purair in my room during the day and onto the bedsheets before bed to detox the environment. Its fresh herbal scent freshens and purifies the air while creating a soothing atmosphere for me. So I can keep calm and carry on! Lol!

The Beauty Products I Love In April 2019

Then I massage this Good Night balm inside of my wrists and onto my chest and temples 30 minutes before bed to alleviate fatigue and diffuse anxiety. Since I started to use them, I haven’t had the problem that I woke up at 2 or 3 am daily. Now I sleep all the way through the night which is a life saver for me!

I also tried this Treasure Oil™ to massage on my face, neck, and chest before I use serum and cream. My skin feels so soft now!

1001 Remedies are made in France and has won multiple awards including the Natural Health one and has been featured in lead magazines like Vogue UK and Grazia. Overall, I am pleased with the results and will buy more after these are finished.

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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