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Happy Friday guys!

Today’s post will be quite short in length. I would like to share with you a new podcast interview of me with She Do. It is a 48 minutes podcast interview.

Podcast Interview with She Do

In this interview, we have talked about many things that you may think is interesting:

1. How I went from hand-me-downs to fashionista.
2. When I really started taking action to pursue my dream
3. How I gained my followings.
4. What my view is on oversharing on social media
5. How I find balance with choosing sponsors
6. How I found my brand identity
7. The soul searching journey after my late husband passed away
8. What success means to me
9. How to best create a vision board and how to break down goals into smaller steps.
10. How I develop my daily discipline

You can listen to it on Sound Cloud, or on Youtube.

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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