HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You
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HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That’s Fit For You

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HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

Nowadays, there is an App for everything. Recently I discovered an App called HowUdish and I love using it! If you want to find places with dishes that fit your dietary restrictions, learn about the kind of meals some of the most talented athletes eat to stay in shape, or if you want to build a network of friends who share their favorite restaurants that match your nutritional lifestyles, then you need to read on!

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish is a one-of-a-kind mobile “dish discovery” app and social network that connects users to dishes based on their own nutritional lifestyle. Their focus on healthy living truly sets them apart from simple restaurant locators by helping HowUdishers to eat out, have fun, and still stay true to their healthy living lifestyle whether at home or on the go. Here is a short video about the app.

HowUdish: The Networking App

I am a foodie, so most of my friends are foodies too. You have probably heard the old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The way to my heart is through my stomach too! Lol! I love that HowUdish is not just an app to find food, save recipes and calculate calories. It also serves as a social networking platform for me to find someone who loves the same food as I do. Think about this, if you can’t eat together, there will be a bigger chance that you guys can’t be friends or stay together, right? Now, you can drop all the dating apps and start from here! Just be a food friend first and see where the food will take you to! Lol!

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish: Matching nearby dishes/restaurants with your personal dietary restrictions

Before I found this app, I researched restaurants nearby first, then sorted through the menu to see if there were any dishes that I liked. Now, with this app, I can directly research the dishes first. For example, I have been on a low-carb diet for years and this app automatically updates with new dishes nearby every time I open it. If I like it, I swipe right and it will save it for later. If I don’t like it, I swipe left and more options pop up. The questions are quite simple, things like “do I want to have salmon or tuna?” If the tuna tartare seems super yummy, click the restaurant and make a reservation for 6:30 tonight! How cool! I love anything that makes my life easy!

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish: Eating Healthy On-the-Go

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a healthy diet is minimizing temptation when you’re away from home. When I am traveling for work, I am often on a very tight schedule. This app helped me to find food fast nearby and made sure I still maintained a healthy diet while leading a busy life. The HowUdish app can find dishes that can meet a variety of dietary patterns (low-calorie, low-carb, vegetarian, high-fiber, to name a few).

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

Usually there were many restaurants available on the app! I love having the chance to expand my dining experience beyond major chains when I travel. This app is a great tool for people on special diets or anyone who is looking to eat a little healthier while on the road! By recommending curated, diet-specific, location-based menu options, the HowUdish app makes it easy for me to eat well, even when I am on the go.

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish: Cooking like a 5 star chef

I was quite surprised to find out there is even a recipe function on the app. For example, I love tuna tartare and always order it when I go to restaurants. Now with this app, it gives me a full recipe that I can recreate at home. How cool!

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro

Ever wonder what dishes professional athletes eat to stay in such great shape? HowUdish makes it super easy for everyone to eat just like your favorite athletes. I follow Dani Speegle to eat like a competitive fitness athlete. Getting a toned body has been my goal since last year. I understand 80% is about what I eat, so I need to avoid oils, refined sugar and focus on quality high protein meals. You need to subscribe to Pro Dish Styles to see their favorite dishes.

You can see more below in this short video!

Overall, HowUdish saves me time, money, and frustration by allowing me to avoid going to places that are potentially outside of my diet. This app is simplistic, yet very efficient. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to follow a strict diet plan with good food, or just be a healthy foodie in general! Don’t forget the app also builds a network of friends who share their favorite restaurants that match your nutritional lifestyles. With the app, you can chat and share the places you love to eat while discovering new favorites and finding a meal that matches your lifestyle. You may find your new best friend or even your life partner through this app!

HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

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HowUdish App ||Find The Dish That's Fit For You

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