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What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

In 2016 when I was a TV co-host, I have written a post called What to wear to a rooftop bar, you can read it to see my summer rooftop bar look, and my shorter hair style too! Lol!

What to wear to a rooftop bar lookbook store trumpet sleeve surplice romper + Ray Ban sunglasses + Red LV bag + nude booties

There are so many new restaurants, bars, and hotels popping up in Detroit these days. Last Friday I was invited to the private preview at The Monarch Club. This Detroit’s newest rooftop bar is opening just in time for the warm weather that’s on the way to the area. The Monarch Club is located in the Metropolitan Building at the top of the Element Hotel. The hotel opened in the building earlier this year after a $32 million construction project renovating the building that sat vacant for nearly 40 years. It’s truly just another positive sign of the coming back of Detroit!

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

The Monarch Club is primarily a cocktail lounge, but I really love those small plates with yummy white fish, brisket sliders, and chicken lettuce wraps. Other Highlights are homemade meatballs and grilled cauliflower steak. They were crafted by Chef Jared Bobkin, who was a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen season 15 as a finalist on season 17 as part of the All-Star Season. I used to watch this show all the time. Lol!

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

The bar has both an inside and an outdoor portion on the roof. You can see the skyline views of the city in four directions.

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

Now let’s talk about fashion. It’s finally time to put away your winter clothes, grab a cocktail, and enjoy the first warm days of spring in style. But May in Michigan can be still quite chilly. Especially during the evening on a rooftop, the wind is pretty brutal. Planning a night-out look when it’s cold can be a real headache. How do you show a slip of leg or bare a hint of your midriff without freezing your you-know-what off? Lol! You want to appear pretty, but you also consider yourself to be sophisticated and stylish — and managing to find a happy medium when the cool wind’s blowing isn’t always easy.

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

So I decided to wear pants. One thing I have learned is that a skirt or dress can be dangerous when the wind suddenly picks up on a rooftop. 😉 I added this red cape to make it a pantsuit. I am always a fan of capes since it is so chic, elevated, and on point for a handful of “going out” destinations, from the bar to date night, where you’re looking to turn heads.

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

Playful is another element I like to use when I create an outfit, for this look, I added this sporty stye blouse to bring out the lively vibe.

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

Are you ready for the skyline views, open-air parties, first-rate cocktails, and unparalleled company? It’s time to grab your girlfriends, or your boyfriend if you really like him, and drop by at this new rooftop club! Who wants to spend the warmer weather anywhere but in the open air, right?

What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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