Do you ever feel like you’ve been trapped within the same limits and need a new perspective for your wardrobe? Or have you felt like you have a limited amount of time to shop for an event coming up in the near future? I have felt both of those before but guess what? There’s good news!

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection Mall is the perfect place to ask these questions and get your answers as fast as possible. They have an amazing group of trained and talented professionals to help with advice and to provide the best guidance for a better wardrobe or a perfect gift!

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

Last week, my assistant and I were invited to attend the Personal Stylist event at Somerset Collection Mall where other bloggers and guests attended. The theme of this event was Hello Yellow. Can you guess why it was named that? I’ll let you in on a little secret!! Yellow is one of the eight primary colors that are HOT this season. From Kate Spade to Saks Fifth Avenue, yellow is blooming all around. Yay!

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

We met up with Sue, one of the three trained professionals, to discuss the background story behind this service and the goal of it all. Personal Stylist is a service that aids in several things. The ultimate goal is to help those short of time find what they are looking for in an hour tops.

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

Not only that, but they can personally style your next outfit if you’re second guessing what to wear. Let’s say you just need a new perspective on your wardrobe, they will give it to you! Sooo cool! If you’re picky like I am and do not like the purse or the outfit the first time, no problem! They’ll willingly pull out more options for you and get you the perfect fit and gift! You won’t leave this place empty handed, I guarantee you that!

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

You may be wondering how all of this works. It’s easy! You set up an appointed time to meet up and discuss your personal requests. Either Sue or the other two professionals will sit you down and talk specifics. They will ask you questions about what exactly it is you need from A to Z. Then after all the information that you have provided is analyzed and taken into consideration, it is then used to provide you with the perfect result. If you need a new skirt and don’t know which store has the perfect fit and style for your body type, they will shop around to find you just the one. Let’s say you want to buy a new clutch to go along with your dazzling dress for a wedding this upcoming weekend and you can’t seem to find the perfect color and design in your closet, Personal Stylist will do the trick for you. All you have to do is say the words and boom! It’s there! Just like a magic trick. Lol!

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

Introducing Personal Stylist at Somerset Collection

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@letterebelight

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  1. Grace, what a great post! I would sure love a style service like that. And those yellow looks are amazing! I’ve been to Troy as I grew up in Flushing, MI! How about that?

    Thanks for sharing.

    xx Darlene

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