This is the second post about my weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford, Canada this past weekend. You can read the first part here.

After the amazing lunch, cocktail reception and the spa services, we checked into our accommodations: Bentley’s Lofts. It seems like there are quite a few unique combinations of restaurants plus hotel type of places in Stratford. Bentley’s Lofts is one of them too, a luxurious bi-level loft suites in the heart of downtown Stratford. Downstairs is the restaurant area and upstairs is where the loft is located. There is a king size bed downstairs and another single bed upstairs with a bathroom and closet. It is very spacious and I can see a whole family staying there comfortably.

We quickly dropped off our luggages and changed for the night. Then we were headed to our dinner, AO Pasta to enjoy a family-style Italian dinner.

Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors

AO Pasta is a casual, counter service Italian restaurant offering a simple and honest, Italian-inspired menu using locally-seasoned salads, pastas and their signature “Arancini”, deep fried rice stuffed with mozzarella. Owned by Chef Kris Schlotzhauer, a Stratford native and Pastry Chef Suzy Schlotzhauer, from Calgary, AB, named their restaurant AO after their children Alex and Olive. How sweet, right? By the way, I noticed there were many husband and wife partnered businesses in Stratford.

I am not a big carb eater but I have to tell you, I seriously enjoyed it. It reminded me of my trip to Italy! All the pastas were so fresh, yummy and with a unique twist! My personal favorite? It has to be the lamb pasta! Even right now when I am looking at their Instagram feed, I started drooling! Lol, now you see the foodie side of me! I really hope there are some restaurants like this near me!

With a super full tummy, we went to the Shakespearean Gardens to do a photo shoot before our evening show started.

Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors
Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors

The last stop, Avon Theater to see Little Shop of Horrors. By the way, the stairs I am at in the photo below was where Juston Berber performed to raise money to take his mom on a trip when he was quite young.

Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is about the Skid Row florist’s clerk Seymour Krelborn, he is too shy to declare his love for his co-worker, Audrey – until a mysterious exotic plant brings him unexpected fame and fortune. There’s just one problem: the plant has ambitions of its own, and it thrives on only one food – human blood. With my limited English, I had read the discription and thought it was a romance show. Lol! Clearly I didn’t know what HORRORS mean.

Normally I have a hard time to understand musicals because of the language barriers, but I probably understood about 95% of the story! It’s so funny, filled with reallife struggles, love and horrors. Lol! Even now the voice from the plant Audrey II is still in my head ” FEED ME!” It was very cute to see the poster around the town says “Don’t feed the green!” Lol!

Now we were finally done with our first day in Stratford. I was tired but also very excited for the next day’s activities! Guess what?! We will be on a shopping marathon! Yay! You have to come back Monday to read more! 🙂

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Photo credit: Grace Liang/@withwonderandwhimsy

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