Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna
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Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna

This is the 3rd post about my recent weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford Canada. You can read the first two here and here for what the fun we had just on Friday. In this post, I will cover the whole day of Saturday. Now when I look back to all the photos, I am surprised at how many activities we have done in just one day! Lol!

Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon,  Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna

Our day started at the Edison’s Café Bar. This whole foods café owned and operated by wife and husband team, Buffy Illingworth and Greg Kuepfer. Remember this is a very popular duo business model in Stratford? Lol! This place offers a mostly plant-based menu. The baked goods are grain, dairy and refined sugar -free and they go beautifully with their amazing coffee, local beer and wine. One fun fact, did you know that Thomas Edison was used to live on Stratford? I bet you didn’t. In fact he lived right above Edison’s Café Bar. How interesting!

Look at this amazing food!

Now we have enough energy to start our shopping marathon! Lol! There are many unique and passionate artisans and creative shops in Stratford. From contemporary to vintage, funky to elegant, our fashion and art will surprise you.

We have visited 6 different shops during this time. The first stop, Grace the Boutique, is a women’s clothing, lingerie, sleepwear and accessories boutique. since my name is on it, I have to find something, right? Lol! I am surprised to learn that this local boutique carries my favorite friend brand for my bra. I normally find them only at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Then we went to Watson’s Chelsea Bazaar, This fifth-generation family business offers an eclectic range of items from the unusual to the useful in an unexpected mix of housewares and gifts.

I have found this hot pink dress at Danna Nicole. Owned and operated by Danna, herself, each item is hand-selected by Danna. She brings a strong background in fashion design, production and customer service. Danna works with leading designers to bring quality fashions and accessories for a fair price. What I really like about this store is they have a personal stylist to help you pick out all the pieces that can be use for at least 3 different outfits!

Next stop, Bradshaws! Bradshaws, a landmark shopping destination for visitors from around the world, is owned and operated by a 6th generation of Stratford families also. Bradshaws carries quality, design driven brands from around the globe specializing in gifts, tableware, home décor, accessories, and jewelry. I am very impressed that it is an independent, family-run business for over 123 years! And look at those beautiful displaces! You will see more details on my next post too!

The next two shops are Resonance and Wills & Prior. The first one is specializing in casual and forward thinking eco friendly option clothings. It is also a good place to find Canadian made jewellery, hat, scarf, belt or bag from their excellent accessory selection. I have scored a cute bodysuit you will see it later. WILLS & PRIOR offers a unique combination of new finds and vintage treasures for the home. Shop for rugs, furniture, lighting, art and plenty of special finishing touches within an inspiring and inviting store environment. I have found not one, not two, totally three beautiful cheers boards there. Below is just one of them that I am using it for a displace for my fresh cut flowers in my yard. 😉

The lunch at The Pulp Fresh Bar is surprisingly yummy! The Pulp specializes in high quality healthy, fresh smoothies and cold pressed juice with a selection of vegetarian food and snack options. This husband and wife team opened in 2017 and have developed a strong following to Stratford’s only all vegetarian restaurant with several vegan, gluten and dairy free options.

I was super tired after the shopping marathon, Lol! So I didn’t fully participate in the CHOCOLATE TRAIL. But I have heard great things about this! The Chocolate Trail is a self-guided tour that introduces you to our world-famous confectioners and bakers. For just $30+HST you’ll get to sample our decadent treats and meet the makers who craft these indulgences year round.  

You can purchase your trails in person at Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street. Gift certificates are available online

I took nap before our amazing dinner at Pazzo Taverna. I realized that there are many interesting fact about all the places in Stratford. For example, breakfast place sells beer and wine, hotel is right above the restaurant and Pizzeria in the cellar like Pazzo Taverna! Lol! It has beautiful internal design and very yummy food!

Ok, another super busy and fun day ended. But there are more adventures the next day! So come over to read later!

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Photo credit: Grace Liang/@withwonderandwhimsy

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