How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye
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How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

I have known Edward Mongzar, the humble designer from London for a few years now. From admiring each other’s work, to becoming friends. I love how fashion can bring more human connections to us! You can read my first post Effortless Elegance from Edward Mongzar to learn more about his unite take-on about the tradition and trends. I find him an inspiration and his designs pure innovation. Here I am again with a beautiful piece of Edward Mongzar, who has a way of making ancient art come to life through his fashionable pieces. 

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

This dress I am wearing is from Edward Mongzar‘s SS19 collection. Edward Mongzar has continued to use the artisanal practice of hand marbling to tell a story. When marbling, Edward attempts to capture the subtle nuances and natural flow of the colour swirling on the water; impressing upon the fabric a serene colour effect. The resulting patterns are as free and gentle as the paint on the water. All of the fabric for this collection has been hand marble dyed by Edward himself, showing his dedication to his work and his passion for marbling.

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

Once such summer dress came to my attention, and it took my breath away. The HAND MARBLED GATHER DRESSO dress is light weighted as if made especially for little fairies. I normally don’t wear a maxi dress that often. But this one is perfect for ladies with petite figure like me. The dress fits my idea of, how to dress in your 40’s. So I have decided to review this fairytale dress on my petite fashion blog for all the petite fashion bloggers out there. 

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

Let’s talk about the print first, is you are an eager fashion follower just like I am, you must be familiar with the recent fashion hype about tie-dye trends. The 80’s and 90’s famous tie-dye work is back with a bang; well it never dies and resurfaces from time to time. 2019 has seen a lot from the tie-dye fashion. From crop shirts to pants to blouses to shirt-dresses to summer dresses. I find tie-dye very refreshing. The dress flow perfectly as the material is 100% silk. Its hand dyed with marble technique using very subtle pastel blue and yellow. 

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

The colors are in great sync with the summer hues and the dress is bound to make my fellow petite bloggers look just as cool as a budding model. The dress is made keeping the summer fashion trends of 2019. It has long ruffled sleeves that are statement sleeves of summer 2019. Ruffle sleeves add a very feminine touch to the dress. The sheer material used in the sleeves as well as the top body makes the dress more edgy and breathable. 

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

It’s lined long skirt and the waist gathers helps create a break in the middle. The design is perfect for all petite ladies, as it gives the illusion of an hour glass figure. Paring this dress is very easy; you can wear both flat sandals as well as strappy heels. I have paired the dress with single strap heels and a bamboo bag. 

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

Contrasting this dress is also very easy, the blue and yellow hues give you enough inspiration to add these two colors in accessories. The dress, the design and the material is in perfect sync with summer’s pleasant weather as well as 2019 fashion trends.  Have you tried the tie-dye trend yet?

How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

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Photo credit: @lettherebelight

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