Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico's!
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Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico’s!

Did you know it is International T-shirt day? Wohooo!! Today is a day to celebrate the most versatile piece of clothing. Think about it! You can’t exactly wear a fluffy winter coat to the beach on a hot summer day or a bikini in the coldest part of the world. I mean you could, but it is not recommended lol. T-shirts can be worn on or under about any piece of clothing and can even be worn by itself!!

I find myself wearing T-shirts a lot but the color T-shirt that I wear most would have to be white. I mean do you blame me? It is the easiest color to style! You can wear the same color with different looks. White T-shirts can be worn with a pair of jean shorts and some cute sneakers to a baseball game. If you’re planning on attending a business meeting, you can throw it under a blazer and style it with some dress pants and heels. Let’s say you want to have a chill night with your girlfriends, you can wear it like I did, with a pair of striped pants, wedges, and a cute scarf!

White is a color that everyone including myself, loves to wear! Am I right? It is a color of simplicity and happiness! Most of us have one or more white colored T-shirt in our closet somewhere. If you desire to look stylish and classy, wear white! If you wish to look clean and simple, wear white!

Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico's!

White T-shirts seem to never run out of style. They have been around for a very long time dating back to the 1900’s. Although men were the first to wear them, they are now worn by everyone! White T-shirts are also easy to find. Every time I go shopping at the mall or any other clothing store, I spot a white T-shirt lying around! They’re not hard to miss!

Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico's!

One factor that I really like about T-shirts is that they are so comfy to wear. The one I am wearing in the pictures is from Chico’s and is made out of cotton which feels simple, lightweight and just overall perfect! During the summer days, it gets super warm while playing ping pong or foosball. Other colored shirts make me feel extra hot when doing activities like that, but with a white T-shirt, I feel great!!

T-shirt, scarf, pants, purse, and sunglasses are all from Chico’s.

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@letterebelight

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