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How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to have shoes that have more than one benefit in one shoe? Shoes that are versatile, comfy, and cute? Well I have exciting news for you! Crocs are in now and booming like never before!

How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

This past Saturday I went on a picnic with a friend to catch up. I stepped out into my garage and laid eyes on my bright white Crocs. I walked over and gently placed my feet into them. The best feeling it was! It felt like I wasn’t even wearing shoes that is how comfy they were! During the picnic, we laid on the grass chit chatting while eating our delicious fruits. We later splashed each other with some water to cool off in the hot sun. I was so happy I wore my Crocs for that day! 

How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

Crocs are so much fun! The color range is fantastic!  From light pink, to dark green, they have the entire rainbow. Isn’t that cool? Not only that but they are lightweight too, making it seem like you’re walking on feathers or clouds.  As easy as they are slip on and slip off, I wear them to a lot of places;  to the grocery store, to work, the park, and even out to the movies. My feet never hurt while wearing them that I could sleep in them if I wanted to lol.

How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

One really cool fact about them is that they are made out of antibacterial and odor resistant material. This is really nice especially when you get them dirty because they won’t create bacteria nor smell. Yay for clean feet! Crocs are also water resistant allowing you to wear them to the lake or even when you wash your car. 

How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

You may be thinking that Crocs are only for the youth. Well, I am here to tell you that ANYONE can wear them. Yes, anyone! Whether you are a 30-year- old or even a 50-year-old person, theyre for you. As a woman in her 40’s, I find them to be the perfect wear for every occasion. These shoes are made to fit any person, any personality, and every style!

How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!
How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@letterebelight

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