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2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21rst. 11AM to 5PM

As a native Chinese woman, I have been an ambassador of the Chinese culture since the day I moved to America, 13 years ago. I am often shocked as to how little the world knows about the real, and modern China. It seems to me that all people know about China, is the old China Town, a weird Chinese accent and the American Chinese food. In the mind of most Westerners, we Chinese, are still living in the past. Lol!

2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21nd. 11AM to 5PM

In early 2018, I went back to China and spent a whole month there. Guess what? I felt that Americans are so behind with technology. Lol! Nowadays, Chinese don’t use credit cards or cash at all, everything is done through a phone. I mean, they don’t have the big and thick wallets like we all have here. The younger Chinese generation is more modern but it still keeps its traditional Chinese culture.

These three young gentleman from Detroit China Town are the perfect example of the young Chinese culture: Modern!

2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21nd. 11AM to 5PM

I was very excited to hear that they are going to build a smart technology based China Town in Detroit! But you have to come back later to read more about this cool idea! Today, I am going to focus on something fun for you to do if you live in Michigan, or if you are visiting Michigan this summer!

Come join the second annual Detroit China Festival at Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan on September 21, 2019 from 11AM to 5PM.

2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21nd. 11AM to 5PM

The 2019 Detroit China Festival will be larger in scope than the first. The DCF is a gathering of all things Chinese and Detroit culture related. You can watch these videos from last year to see how fun it is!

Hear directly from those founding people from Detroit China Town (DCT)!

The Detroit China festival (DCF) is a celebration of Chinese culture in the heart of Detroit. The DCF is the largest Asian themed festival in Detroit history, bringing together people from all walks of life to experience culture through food, music, dance, fashion, games and more! The mission of the DCF is two-fold: 

1.            To bring Chinese/Asian culture and people to the city of Detroit. (come see the city and see what we love!)

2.            To bring the people of Detroit to the Chinese/ Asian culture. (come experience culture and eat great food!)

We love Detroit and we love Chinese and Asian Culture, let’s create a space that expresses that passion together and see how far we can go!

Pretty exciting, right?

2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21nd. 11AM to 5PM

Join 20,000 other event-goers for the opportunity to taste authentic Chinese street food from 30+ of the best Chinese restaurants in Michigan and experience genuine modern Chinese music and culture. Each ticket entitles you to enter the event and one raffle ticket. You can buy tokens to purchase food, drinks and other merchandise by cash or credit card at the event. Don’t forget to also check out the offerings from the other 30+ merchandise and cultural display booths while enjoying your favorite Chinese food along with some great interactive games and shows. The event is kidfriendly and there will be a kid zone for your little ones to have fun.

They will have 2 stages at the event. The main stage will feature a 3-hour long hip-hop concert performed by the largest and longest running hip-hop battle platform in China, “Iron Mic”. Iron Mic was founded by a Detroiter, Dana “Showtime” Burton in 2003, We now humbly refer to Showtime as the Godfather of Chinese hip-hop music. This is the first debut of Iron Mic in America. Some American rappers will also be invited to interact and perform with Iron Mic, making this year’s event a true representation of intercultural communication at its best. The second stage will have more traditional Asian cultural performances.

2019 Detroit China Festival ||Hart Plaza. Detroit, MI. September 21nd. 11AM to 5PM

Early Bird tickets are offered for a limited amount and time. One thousand tickets by August 1st, first come first serve!. Regular Ticket sales will start after the early bird period expires. Ticket price at gate will be $15. Above tickets will grant access to the entire event except VIP area.

VIP tickets are also available if you are interested in meeting government officials, entrepreneurs, community leaders and artists from both U.S. and China. Each ticket will include a VIP seat at the event opening ceremony, closing ceremony, VIP Luncheon (food and drink included), VIP Dinner (food and drink included), Networking Party and a free lifetime Detroit Chinatown Membership Card.

You can buy your tickets here! I will be there and hopefully seeing you there too!

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@letterebelight

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