How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer
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How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

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How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

Summer season starts and it marks the busiest travel time for most folks. Kids are out of school, the weather is amazing so there are so many people taking road trips, camping or flying somewhere far to explore the unknown. No matter if you are on the road visiting family, taking a vacation or a business trip, maintaining your regular workout routine can be a challenge!

How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

Beach Run

You ever said, “I’d love to get in shape, but I travel too much?”

That was me before. Any time I had traveled in the past, I abandoned my workouts because: “Hey, I’m traveling!” I bet we all can relate. Sometimes I do use the gym at my hotel, but compared to my favorite gym near my house, it just doesn’t feel right. Lol! Besides, when you’re traveling, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is being cooped up in a gym when you should be out exploring your new surroundings, right?

How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

So a few months ago when I was in CA, I started a new thing, running on the beach! For our Michiganers, any place that has a body of water, is our little heaven. From that moment, every time when I travel to a place has a beach, or water front sidewalk, I will take a morning run before my day starts. I am not a real running person. So I ran for about 5 minutes, stretch, then run again. The best thing about running or stretching on the beach is the fresh air and the soothing sounds of the water. There is no gym that is so relaxing with a great natural view, right?

How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

Now when I travel, I always pack my ESSENTIALS 3-STRIPES TIGHTS, DON’T REST ALPHASKIN SPORTS BRA , and my favorite Grand Court Sneakers. I like the chic and timeless black and white combination so I can even wear my tights and sneakers when I go sightseeing or shopping.

How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

Other Ways to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

If you just don’t like running, there are a variety of ways that will give you a great workout without feeling like exercise. Some of my favorite workouts include:

  • Walking on the beach. Walking in soft sand is a killer workout and burns more calories than walking on flat ground. Some experts suggest that you can burn twice as many calories walking in soft sand.
  • Beach volleyball. I am not so good at this, but if you love to play volleyball, this is a great way to burn more calories than you playing it on a volleyball court. You can burn more than 150 calories an hour, depending on how hard you work and it’s a great way to meet other people at the beach while having fun.
  • Bike rides. There is no better way than a bike ride to explore a new place while getting your daily does of excercise. Trust a gal who is from China where we all used to ride bikes to school, go shopping and go working. Bike riding is one of the ways to make many Chinese people slim and fit. 😉
  • Hiking. Anytime you add elevation to your walks, you’ll burn more calories. I love to do a short hike if it’s possible to get close to nature after a long day meeting or training. Usually from 30 minutes to one hour and my lungs are very happy with the fresh air in the woods.
  • Shopping. Don’t judge on this one! Lol! I love shopping and even if you don’t, you can consider this as you strolling around and people watching. As long as you are moving, you are good!
How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

What are your tips to maintain workout routine when traveling in summer? Share with us and enjoy the nice weather!

How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

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