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Why We Love Madewell 70’s Fashion

Maybe I’m thinking about this a little too soon, but fall fashion is one of my favorite seasons and I already have so many cute outfits planned! Recently fashion trends are just borrowing from past generations, which brings us to the current repeat of 70’s fashion. Sometimes the latest fashion trends, although super cute, aren’t really made for petite adults. Thanks to Madewell, keeping up with style, while staying classy, is made super easy. This outfit is head-to-toe Madewell.

Madewell 70's Fashion

But first let’s talk about 70’s fashion in the 70’s. Fashion then was mostly influenced by music genres. You could tell who fell into what cliche category by how they dressed. But, the 70’s was also a time of fierce, powerful, fashion that was fun and diverse but also very important. People have said 70’s fashion was an important turning point and held steps towards modern day feminism. In 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was passed, but it took many years and protests to get to that point. Women dressed in ways they were told was inappropriate to help push for the Equal Rights Amendment to be passed. 

Madewell 70's Fashion
Madewell 70's Fashion

During these times the top 14 most popular trends, fashion wise, were;

  1. Platform shoes
  2. Jumpsuits
  3. Wrap dresses
  4. Bell bottoms & bell sleeves
  5. Crop tops
  6. Denim on denim
  7. Fur coats
  8. Headbands
  9. Tartan pants and skirts
  10. See-through shirts
  11. Striped tops
  12. Suede
  13. Flowery dresses
  14. Floppy hats

What do we love so much about 70’s style that it’s making a comeback? We love copying past styles, but we’re particularly fond of the 70’s because it was a time when fashion also had a mix of the leftover hippie styles from the 60’s. There was a little bit of everything for anyone who had an opinion on fashion. That’s why we love it now, it’s a mix of so many styles- we don’t have to pick just one! 

Madewell 70's Fashion

These styles are really cute and fun, but let’s be honest, it’s easier to dress with the latest styles when you’re younger. So here are some tips on how women over 40 can pull off 70’s fashion.

Tips for 40’s Petite Women 

1. Appropriate Length

One of the most important tips is that we need to make sure it’s an appropriate length. Making it an appropriate length doesn’t mean we need to dress like grandma’s, just that we need to be business appropriate, but still look chic.  

2. Bell Bottom Pants with Blazers

You can finally pull out those bell bottom pants that you put in storage, because not only are they in style again but they’re easy to dress up. Pairing bell bottoms with a chic blazer makes any outfit come to life. 

3. Pantsuits with Bow Blouses

Wearing a pantsuit may make you feel serious or old, but when you add a chic bow blouse underneath it will completely change your look. You can make this outfit even more fun by wearing a bow blouse that is a deep yellow, matching the cool fall weather. 

4. Denim on Denim

For more casual days you can wear the timeless denim on denim outfit. Since we know michigan weather is constantly changing these outfits are perfect. Wearing a cute and colorful tank top or t-shirt underneath, not only gives you a pop of color, but also gives you the option to take off your jean jacket and enjoy the heat. 

Madewell 70's Fashion

5. Platform Shoes

This is especially important for us petite women. Trading out your flats or sandals for these outfits is very important. Even if you’re trading your sandals for platform sandals, that small change will add height and class to your perfect 70’s outfit. 

Tips for 20-Something College Girls

1. Tartan Skirts and Pants

Dressing for fall 70’s fashion is easier for college girls, but these are must-haves that I had to point out. Tartan pants can be paired with a solid color knit sweater and platform shoes. Tartan skirts can also be paired with loose knit sweaters or tight turtle necks. Skirts can also be worn with stockings when it starts to get a little cooler to add that extra layer of warmth while still looking cute. 

2. Denim Jackets

This is a must-have for college girls. Not only does it seem to match literally everything, but it also adds that cute 70’s vibe. Wearing this over nearly every outfit makes you look more put together, which is a simple way to be taken more seriously on campus.

Madewell 70's Fashion

I absolutely adore brands that help make this shift to 70’s fashion much easier, like Madewell. Not only is Madewell up to date with the newest fashion, but I’m very proud to wear clothes from a company that helps out the community around them. Starting with their own employees! Madewell provides safe, planet-friendly factories and benefits to make sure their employees are happy and empowered. Their jeans are made from cotton that is grown without pesticides, making it a healthy environment for their workers. Some of these benefits include paid maternity leave and equal pay and rights for female workers. You have to love a company that empowers women!

That’s not all that makes Madewell different and community friendly. They have a unique initiative called denim recycling. You can drop off your worn out jeans at any Madewell store and they’re given to organizations, like Habitat for Humanity. These organizations then use your old jeans for housing insulation! To give a little push to have people bring their jeans in, Madewell will give you $20 off a new pair of jeans you purchase from them with every pair of jeans you drop off. 

Madewell 70's Fashion
Madewell 70's Fashion

Madewell is also involved with the Human Rights Campaign. 50% of retail price from the purchase of their exclusive ‘Rainbow Items’ goes to the Human Rights Campaign. The HRC is America’s largest civil rights organization. They work towards the goal of making sure LGBTQ people are safe, equal, and free in the communities they live. These aren’t even all of the good that Madewell is involved in. Check out their website here to see what other ‘do-well’ initiatives they’re involved in. (

Shopping 70’s fall fashion is going to be very easy when every store is selling that style. Why not buy fashionable outfits and know where your money is going? Why not support companies who are giving back to the community instead of just pocketing the money and using factories with unsafe environments for their workers? Be a part of groups that give back, shop Madewell.

Photo Credit: twitter/lettherebelight/Grace Liang

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