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Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

Hello there! I am excited to be a panelist at this year’s Michigan Fashion Summit. It will take place on September 14, 2019, in Waterford, MI from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  A few years old, I had the opportunity to serve as a panelist for the first annual Michigan Fashion Summit. I hosted a workshop at the event and the topic that I covered was about blogging. It was a very pleasant experience!  

In the organization’s second year, I will serve as a board member of Fashion Group International Detroit at the event to support the local fashion industry. In addition to this, I will also host a workshop. Read on for more details about this exciting event in the fashion industry and the history behind it.

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

What is Michigan Fashion Summit?

The Michigan Fashion Summit offers attendees an inside look into the business side of fashion which includes business and profit strategies as the primary focus in its sessions.

This conference features a total of 20 different workshops that attendees will be able to choose from for their courses of learning. It will offer a variety of different topics such as digital marketing, fashion design, fashion merchandising, manufacturing monetizing, and much more! Guests will walk away from this conference with a more detailed understanding of the business world of fashion and tips on how to apply it to their brand!  

The concepts are divided into the following topics which are: Hair & Make-up, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Influencer, Fashion Designer and Fashion Business. The best thing about this workshop is that it is interactive and hands-on.

Michigan Fashion Week

Michigan Fashion Summit is an extension of Michigan Fashion Week. The company was formed in 2012. The main purpose of the prestigious company is to showcase and highlight Michigan Talent which consists of those in the field of fashion design, photography, art, and modeling, who want to present their businesses and talents in a professional light. The organization provides real-world skills for students, they work with high education institutions to help develop an nourish their talent.

  Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

Get to know the Founder  

The company Michigan Fashion Week was formed by founder and CEO Loren “LOJO” Hicks. She is a clothing designer and has an impressive fashion portfolio which includes being featured in fashion publications, modeling, and styling for famous photographers across the globe! Hicks is well known for having an eye for fashion with love and joy for making her clients look good! 

Her work has been featured on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, BET, Fox 2 News, and the Word Network. She was also featured in publications such as Crain’s Detroit Business and Hour Detroit just to name a few. She has a passion to help others succeed whether you have a dream of being a fashion designer, owning your own boutique or to become a stylist. Her lifelong goal is to continue to help others discover the inner strength in their God-given abilities.

She will also serve as a speaker at this year’s Michigan Fashion Summit!   

Who is it for?

This conference is for aspiring fashion designers, fashion bloggers, fashion entrepreneurs and anyone in the fashion industry who are looking to develop their skills. This is also for professionals looking to network and grow their business. Companies who are eager to expand their markets and clienteleare also encouraged to come. If you have a passion for the fashion  industry register to this informative one-day conference here.

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

Featured Guests

This event will feature an awesome line up of guests! The speakers will include Arian Simone an entrepreneur, author & philanthropist, Matthew Hunt Founder & CEO of Gettes, Mia Ray Blogger & Digital Influencer, Latasha James Founder of James + Creative, and many more! This is a great way to gain some additional knowledge about the business side of fashion from people who have been in the industry for years. Their background and experience are the perfect way to gain knowledge about the field. It is also great to have the chance to network and make some awesome connections!  

My Social Media Workshop

At the Michigan Fashion Summit, my workshop will focus on “How to Make Social Media into a Full-time Gig”. This can often be a challenge to figure out when you are in the middle of planning out your business.  How exactly do you accomplish this? The four main questions that I will answer in this workshop are: How to make a living with your social media in 2019? What are the best social media agencies to use when applying for campaigns? How much should I charge? The new trends: What are brands looking for? (IGTV, Snapchat, Tik Tok). 

Trends tend to change all the time in social media. That is why it is important to stay consistent and stay up to date. It will also have an impact on your business. You do not want to lose out on sales or subscribers due to not making the changes that is needed. Whether you are a fashion designer, fashion influencer or a blogger these are tools that are needed to help your business thrive online.  

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

The benefits of using social media for your business

Social media allows you the opportunity to make faster connections to the people that you are trying to reach. It allows you to reach a larger audience if you use it the correctly. It can allow you to contact customers faster and receive quicker feedback about your product.  

One great addition is that it allows you to make great connections and partnerships. Building a quality relationship is key and it makes it easier with the communication that we get from social media. Making connections with key influencers will increase the value of your brand. 

Boosting your organic visibility is another great factor about using social media to spread awareness about your brand. According to Search Engine Journal, “Google has repeatedly said that social media likes, favorites, shares, backlinks, etc. are not direct ranking signals — but there is a correlation between social media activity/popularity and how/why it is ranked by a search engine.” In other words, if your social media presence is consistent it can earn you a good ranking on the web.

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

Increasing website traffic is a great reason why you should make a social presence online. When you are promoting your brands on apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it is a fun way to captivate the audience and it allows them to interact with you.  The traffic of the website should increase over time once you are able to find a formula that works for your business.

Not only does social media helps us keep track of our goals, it allows us to see what our competition is doing.  We can learn a lot from other sources. It can help us understand our strengths and weaknesses in our business. Seeing what our competitors are doing can also help us to be better serve customers and make any additional improvements.

Branding is also one of the most important benefits to using social media. Each social media platform is different, and they all do a great job of getting your name out there.  The best way to accommodate them is to adjust your content accordingly. What may work for Facebook may not work for the others. This is also why it may be helpful to do some research on several ways to market your brand on the platform.

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

         I am looking forward to seeing you at the Michigan Fashion Summit! It will be a great opportunity for everyone who would like to gain more insight about the fashion industry. Can’t wait to see you there!

 Join us at the 2019 Michigan Fashion Summit

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