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Going Wild with Chico’s Animal Prints Fall 2019

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Hey there, tiger… is it just me, or are things getting a little more wild up in here this fall? It’s been raining like crazy today, so I decided to take a little stroll around the mall. Oh. My. Goodness. Is this a mall or a zoo? Leopard print, snake skin, zebra print, giraffe print– animal prints galore! With so many bold prints, I understand that it can be a little scary to step away from the usual basics and dive into something a little bit more unusual, but never fear! With a little help from Chico’s, these are some animals you can totally tame all on your own. 

A Timeless Classic 

Incorporating leopard print into our fashion choices has been a staple for decades. From the mod sixties to the rock and roll eighties to the grunge nineties, leopard print has been covering our bodies pretty much since some super chic cavewoman decided it was worth the risk to wrestle a real leopard for it. Thankfully, we have faux leopard these days so our naturally trendy cat friends can keep their own fur. In this first look, I wanted to show you how I mix a few basic wardrobe staples with a trendy statement jacket to really elevate the look. What I love most about the Chico Jacquard Moto Jacket is how instantly it turns an everyday outfit into something that looks like it stepped right off the runway. Even though it gives a super chic, tailored look, this jacket is very lightweight and comfortable. I feel like I could wear it all through the day at work and well into a night on the town with my girlfriends. 

Sweet or Sassy? 

Both Jackie O. and Madonna have rocked leopard, but their interpretation of the trend is vastly different. Jackie is known for her sweet, soft, tailored appearance while miss Madonna is queen of sassy rebellion. But today in 2019, in true Grace Liang fashion, I asked myself “why not both?” Creating contrast within your look gives you extra dimension and takes what might have been historically over done and reinvents it so that it breathes new life into a classic piece. Paired with my edgy black ponte leggings with gold snap accents on the ankles, black bell-sleeve top and my leopard moto jacket, my adorably sweet  faux pearl earrings are an unexpected addition to the otherwise sassy look. To top off this look, I am adding this statement animal print tote that I am seriously in love with to really make everything pop. 

More is More! 

You could just rock leopard as an accent piece… but anyone who knows me at all would know that the mantra I live my fashion life by is “more is more!” Why only have one leopard piece when you can rock a whole leopard ensemble? My second Chico’s look featuring my ultra cozy animal print jacquard cardigan paired with my white lace trimmed tank might look pretty tame at first, but as soon as I add on this unique leopard print convertible bag as a fanny pack, heads will start to turn! Fanny packs have a bad rep as being the thing your mother wore camping back in the 90s, but that’s what makes this trend so much fun. Adding an animal print or other bold design to a fanny pack creates a chic contrast, and using it as the cherry on top of your already animal-tastic outfit really pushes it over the edge into a high fashion look. 

Lest we forget, you can finish off your animal print ensemble with some animal print accessories too! I really love this mod faux tortoise shell hoop earrings that pull all the same colors from the leopard prints. 

Get Colorful 

Who says all animal prints need to be natural? Remember back in the 90s and early 2000s when sparkly, rainbow leopard and zebra ruled the universe at Lisa Frank? Well, think of this next Chico’s ensemble as the more grown up, chic version of that! Animal prints are already a pretty bold statement to begin with, but adding color really shakes things up. So, how can you make it work? 

I love the print on this blue animal print shirt, the flowy, lightweight fabric and cute side-tie detail cut in a silhouette that looks good on so many body types. Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by clothing with a draped appearance on my small figure, but the cut of this top hangs beautifully in all of the right places. Pairing a top like this with your favorite pair of slimming, curve-hugging jeans like my classic girlfriend fit ankle jeans, you can create beautiful contrast that really accentuates your cute little tush. Taking a risk and wearing one color from head to toe can elevate a pair of otherwise relatively simple, comfortable basics into something incredibly unique and chic. I adore the way ankle jeans elongate my legs, and as a petite woman, any way that I can add height is a huge bonus! 

Transition Between Seasons With Ease

Michigan weather can be just as wild as some of these prints! One day it’s hot and humid, another day it’s chilly with a breeze, and then somewhere in between its raining with a chance of tornados. At this time of year, I’m ready to put away all of my sundresses but not quite ready to pull out my heavy coat just yet. All three of these looks provide just the right amount of coverage for the ever shifting Michigan fall weather with the ability to be swapped in and out with other pieces of different weights for a mix and match ensemble tailored to whatever temperature might be thrown your way. 

Animal prints will never go out of style, so that’s why I believe having a few quality, well made pieces in your wardrobe that will last you for years to come is a great investment to make this fall. I think that Chico’s really understands what petite women over the age of forty like to have in their closets and they produce some wonderfully crafted, high quality garments that feel so good to wear. I’m really looking forward to taking both the basics and the statement animal print pieces from all three of these looks and combining them with all of my outfits this fall! What are your favorite animal print looks from over the years you think should make a come back? 

Photo credit: @v.stoimirov

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