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Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes

I have been so incredibly blessed with all of the amazing things I’ve been able to do since starting this blog five years ago. What began as a fashion and beauty blog transformed into a blog about living with the cancer of my late husband that then transformed again into a blog about being a grieving widow that continued to evolve into me learning to live life to the fullest. Now, I want to take everything I’ve learned over the years of living and learning and help others learn to do the same.

This Monday I will be traveling to Palm Springs, California to participate in two weeks of training to learn to better present my workshops for the future. The first week I will be with Dr. Deb Sandella doing RIM training. RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) is a body-centered, transformational technique that frees you of negative thoughts, feelings and memories, so you are empowered to live your best life. The RIM® process allows you to re-generate your neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way.

The second week will be my final training session of “Train the Trainer” with Jack Canfield. After I finish this last session, I will be a graduate of this year long program!

Yes, two whole weeks of all day training is quite long, but I really enjoyed it this past spring and felt so deeply connected with everything I learned. Everything about it felt very healing and I look forward to sharing these beautiful ways of thinking within my personal coaching and workshops.

After my training is done in California, I will be taking to the sky once more to squeeze in a much needed vacation to Italy! Being the huge foodie that I am, I am very much looking forward to trying some new exotic Italian cuisine and of course, indulge in drinking some fine Italian wine.

After I’ve had my fill of Italian vino, I’m going to roll myself back onto the plane and head for St. Louis to see an American town I have never seen before!

That being said, I am going to take a brief break from my blog posting so that I can completely dedicate my time and energy to absorbing as much of this teaching as I can in addition to making sure that I can fully enjoy my vacation and everything these beautiful cities in our world have to offer. Beginning September 23rd I will pause posting and resume again on Monday November 4th. In the meantime, follow along with my adventures on my Instagram story as well as weekday Instragram feed posts!

Bon Voyage! I’ll see you soon!

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