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Turning Grief into Growth: Celebrating My Wedding Anniversary

Today marks my 4th wedding anniversary without my late husband Bob. We first met each other 16 years ago in Shanghai and 3 years later we got married. 

Back on 6/18 of 2017, my step-daughter and I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant to celebrate this special day and we dedicated a toast to Bob. The next day, we hosted a life celebration party to honor my late husband. Instead of a funeral, my husband requested that we have a big party to celebrate his life. It was a success! Over a hundred people came and shared their stories about Bob. I was both laughing and crying when I listened to the stories about my funny guy! I was so sad but at the same time was very glad that I could fulfill his dying wish.

6/18 of 2018, I was doing quite well and was busy growing my influencer business by myself during most of that year. But special dates like this have always been so hard. That day, my best friend took me shopping and then to dinner. I was crying during the car ride and wished I could somehow take this day permanently off my calendar. 

Last year on 6/18, this day still hurt a bit but life had changed a lot! I had been busy learning energy healing techniques, making mindset changes and focusing on my personal growth! I had turned losing Bob into a great opportunity for growth and I even started dating again.

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This year, I have been staring at our wedding picture and internally scanning my body for pain over losing Bob. All I can find though is the love and joy he has brought to my heart! This is the first time I have been able look at our wedding picture for a great length of time without hurting. All I feel is the smile on my face without having to fake it or having to force myself to smile! 

Time didn’t heal me. Constantly working through my grief has healed me! All the training, books, and mentors I have had the last few years has seriously helped me reach where I am in my grieving process. 

What once was a tragedy is now a triumph!

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Just remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional!

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