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International Widow’s Day: What It Means To Be a Widow

You may not know it but today is International Widow’s Day! I didn’t know about it until I became a widow myself three and a half years ago. There are many people who tell me that I don’t look like a widow because I am too happy, too powerful and too put together! So it got me thinking that it is time to redefine the term WIDOW. Or better yet, what should an awakened, empowered widow look like?

A widow is a woman whose world was unwilling destroyed and shattered. Being sad, angry, confused and scared is normal for widows at the very beginning stages of grief.

But at the same time, we have been given this great opportunity to WILLINGLY destroy our old life that no longer serves us. Just like a collapsed house after a deadly earthquake, we are being given the choice to either repair the house the best we can or we can totally rebuild a brand new house from the ground up to meet all of our personal desires and dreams. Which one are you choosing?

Many widows are so overwhelmed and tired to even think about what they want. Their main goal is to just survive at this moment. You may be asking how, in this messy and stressful world, can a widow transform from barely functioning to taking back control of her own grief?

The answer is we are NOT that delicate and we have our own supplies to heal. When God created us, he gave us white blood cells to heal our bodies from our physical illnesses and he also gave us healing power and wisdom in our subconscious mind to heal our emotional pain. We ALL have this built-in healing power within ourselves. The problem is, most of us don’t really know how to activate it or access it.

Being a grief coach and from one widow to another, I am giving away this energy healing webinar ($397 value) for FREE! You can use this link to opt-in and watch this recorded webinar right away!

Many women like me (and soon to be you), have healed ourselves by using these effective energy healing tools. I can proudly say that I am truly living a “have it all” life now filled with health, love, feeling beautiful, money and peace and you will be too!

It’s never too late to turn grief into growth! I never even knew that I could be this powerful and wise before working through my own grief. I don’t feel sad, weird or uncomfortable with being a widow anymore. I appreciate what life has in store for me and it’s my job just to make the best out of it every single day!

So are you ready to join this empowered widow club to rebuild your dream life again?

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Just remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional!

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