Gracefully Grieving

Gracefully Grieving: Rebuilding A Life After Loss

Grief can be a deadly storm that can wipe away our whole life! But grief can also be a great opportunity to rebuild a brand new life out of the ashes! Our decisions on how we rebuild either comes from love or fear. Which will you choose?

Since the end of April, I have been attending zoom Yoga classes at least 4 times a week. During each class, we are always asked to dedicate the next 5 breath cycles to what we appreciate. God and my late husband Bob are always on my list.

No matter where I look; the blue sky, the blooming flowers, the singing birds, or even the stormy water, I see God. I feel at ease and happy that Bob is with God now. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see Bob’s love of life sparkling in my eyes! Just like God left the holly spirit in our heart, Bob left a part of his soul in my heart too. He has planted so many great seeds in me about how to live and how to love.

My life now is an extension of his too! I often see him as this big orange butterfly landing on my right shoulder, watching over me and enjoying every moment of my new life with me. God gave me this life to live and free will to create the life I truly desire. Bob is now with me in every step of my journey to guide me and celebrate with me.

Grief is a deadly storm, but with God and Bob’s love, I am Gracefully Grieving and walking towards a bright future now! Are you ready to walk towards less suffering and faster healing?

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All my tears and broken heart have made a new me and a new life out of my grief! You can create a new you and a new life too!

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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