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What life looks like for an empowered and healed woman!

Just close your eyes and imagine your brand new life now. You wake up from a good night’s sleep, stretching your arms while opening your eyes. Instantly you smile and your heart is full of appreciation. You love your new, cozy home. Everything is just the way you always wanted; simple, yet it speaks volumes about who you are. You get up and get yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, getting dressed while listening to your favorite audiobook.

Today is a very special day. It is the wedding anniversary of you and your late husband. You scan your whole body for any signs of pain or sorrow but you can’t find any. Then you decided to look at your wedding picture. You used to feel this unbearable pain immediately when you saw it, but today, all you can feel is the happiness captured from the moment in that picture.

During the day, you stare at this photo for a long period of time. Still not feeling pain or sorrow, only more and more appreciation towards your late husband and your life. At this moment, you know you have healed yourself!

You continue on your lifelong learning journey. Soon you discovered your life purpose and you become this confident and wise woman. No matter what your dream life looks like, you know you deserve and are capable of living your dream life. You deserve and are capable of love again!

Empowered women don’t shrink because of grief. We expanded our life and built a magnificent new life from the ground up. Would you like to be one of these women?

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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I teach women how to use energy healing tools to suffer less and heal faster from their grief. Energy Healing Coach, Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

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