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I have developed the habit of making a list of yearly goals for my life plan for the past 7 years now. The key for better results is to go back to that list and check the progress of each goal on a monthly basis. This allows us to move things around (if needed) to help make things happen. Below are a few categories on my life plan for 2020 but as you can imagine, some of my goals have become more difficult to reach due to COVID. All we can do is make the best out of whatever we have been given, right? 😉

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1. Heal my shoulder and elbow:

Completed two rounds of physical therapy. Elbow is good but my shoulder is still a work in progress.

2. Fix my eye sight:

Went to see an eye doctor but didn’t qualify for lasik eye surgery. Got a pair of new eye glasses if that counts. 😉

3. Worked with a personal trainer to reach my goal of a toned body:

Just started to chat with a personal trainer and then COVID hit. Now after doing 4 yoga sessions a week, my body is more toned. So I kind of reached this goal.

4. Continue daily meditation and morning exercise sessions:

This changed into meditation and morning prayers which I enjoy very much!

5. Shower at 10pm and get up at 7am:

I shower at 9pm now but sometimes still have trouble getting up at 7am. This has been on my yearly life plan list for the past 2 years. Progress has been really slow.

6. Don’t use phone while on the toilet:

Oops, still not following this very well but it is never too late to adjust.

7. Yoga class once a week:

I am doing a yoga class 4 times a week.


1. Finish reading the Bible:

Not done yet but listening to Joyce Meyer every morning and evening.

2. Going to church at least once a month:

Yes and attending many online church services too.

3. Get baptized:

Not yet. Waiting to do it once we can finally have a regular in-person church service.

Personal growth

1. Read 2 books per month and take very detailed notes:

I have read 5 new books so far but spent a lot of time re-reading books that I had read last year. There is so much I need to digest first before I read more. 😉

2. Read news articles about emotional wellness:

I have read some but I am not very consistent.

3. Create a few new habits:

Morning: Add EFT tapping to raise my vibration.

Before bed: EFT tapping to release anxiety.

I have not been doing EFT tapping. I found prayers are more powerful and now I pray in the morning and before I go to sleep.

4. Enter achievements in my small win log at night and what I want list in the morning:

I have not been doing this. It became part of my daily prayers. I think about what I really appreciate about God and what I need his help with.

5. Daily prayer:

Accept that one amazing thing will happen every day. Totally doing this and using the line “I expect great things to happen to me and through me!”

6. Finish my RIM certification program:

I will graduate at end of this month!

7. Finish Body Code program:

Probably will finish next year or year after that.

8. Finish Tapping program:

Probably next year or never.


1. Volunteer at church once: Volunteered many times.

2. Donated $500 to church to help one family: Yes.

3. Gave free services such as RIM sessions and workshops to low income women:

So far only free RIM sessions, not workshops due to COVID.

How are you progressing through your life plan in 2020? It is never too late to adjust or start a new plan to finally make your dream life come true! Share with us what you have achieved so far this year. Remember, this is not a competition!

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