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Gracefully Grieving: What Does It Mean To Be a Widow?

People often ask me, “why did you choose to be a Grief Healing Coach?” I have to say that in a million years, I had never planned on being a Grief Healing Coach. But God has his own ways of directing people to where they need to be.

My dream job since I was little was to either be a police officer, lawyer or journalist. I wanted to be someone who could help others who needed to be protected and give them a voice (you may see a pattern here). Growing up in poverty in China, all of these jobs were far out of my reach because if you didn’t have money or special connections, you couldn’t get these type of fancy jobs. So I became a teacher so I could still make a positive impact on the world.

Fast forward to about 3.5 years ago when I lost my late husband to cancer. My whole world was shattered. Grief has forced me and motivated me to learn and grow from my pain. After reading many self-help books, attending many training classes, and trying many new methods to heal myself, I have become more and more at peace, happy and joyful. People are often very surprised to find out I am a widow. I have been told that I don’t look like a widow because I am “too happy” and “too well put together.”

These statements got me thinking after I had healed myself from my own grief. Women have traditionally been expected to fit certain labels and standards that limit us as human beings from growing and thriving. For example, a grieving woman should look sad, lack any spark in their eyes, should have dull skin, shouldn’t care about our hair, makeup, or clothes that she wears. A grieving woman is expected to be miserable to show how much they love and respect their deceased love one. These are just some of the common traits society has about a grieving woman.

A grieving woman CAN still be a powerful woman who lives her life fully after getting out of the dark hole of grief. In fact, I have seen many women come out even stronger, wiser and happier! Many of us are now living a life that has it all: peace, health, love, wealth and perfect self-expression.

My mom became a widow when she was 44 and she decided her life was over. She has been living a standard single widow life for almost 30 years now, still crying and blaming all her troubles on the fact that she is a widow. I became a widow when I was 43. At the time, I didn’t even know if I had a better choice than my mom but luckily, I found one. I have used energy healing tools to heal myself and am now living my dream life again.

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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