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Gracefully Grieving: Accepting God Into My Life

I accepted God into my life last year right before Christmas.

For most people, they either grew up in a Christian family and therefore naturally accepted God or they turned to God when they were facing difficulties in their lives. My situation was a little bit different.

After I lost my late husband, I was very confused about my life and started my soul-searching journey. Not long after my husband passed away, I went onto the internet to search for the answer to the question “What happens after you die?” That simple question led me to hundreds of videos, books, articles and training programs.

I have learned so much about myself, the world and most importantly, I have found self-love within me. I became more and more happier, stronger and wiser. But every time I would look inside of my heart, I felt like there was something else. I sensed something greater than myself and something so powerful that it brought hope and joy even during my darkest times.

I know that I am very capable, strong and wise, but this something deep inside my heart was so much more than what a human like me could be! What was it?!

In the last couple of years, I have been wondering about this question. Then, many amazing godly people came into my life. I had no idea that they were Christ followers, but they were so kind, loving and at peace with themselves and the world around them. They have showed me, taught me and influenced me in such a positive matter. It just made me want to have a peaceful and joyful life just like theirs!

What has made them so worry-free, confident and loving? After many months of pondering, and guidance from many people, I finally accepted God into my life! He has always been there for me but I just never knew it before. He had knocked on my door many times before but I had no clue. Growing up in a communist country, we were not allowed to adopt any religion or partipate in any spiritual practices. If we did, we could have ended up in jail. So God was a very foreign concept to me.

I recently finished the Bible Study 101 class at my local church. In the last 9 months, I have learned so much about God and have developed a very close relationship with God. Now I can’t imagine what my life could be without him!

Do you believe that there is a higher power? If so, how did you accept God into your life?

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