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Gracefully Grieving: The Power of Grief

Growing up in poverty in China with an abusive mom, I had always believed that my life came second compared to others. I was allowed to only have my older brother’s hand-me-downs (I didn’t deserve much since I was a girl) and my desire for a better life was just a wild dream that would never happen.

Sounds pretty messed up right? I realized this too later on in my life, especially after I lost my late husband. Somehow my grief was like giving birth to a new life and I came to realize that grieving has two sides just like a coin. One side is very painful and the other side is very powerful. Unfortunately, most of us only have experienced the painful side but have rarely used the power of grieving to better our lives.

What power does our grieving have? For me, it has liberated me from my old beliefs.

The moment I lost my late husband, I felt like half of me died with him. I didn’t really know who I was anymore for a long time. Then about 6 months later, I almost died in my own pool. After I calmed down from the terror of almost dying, a thought suddenly came to me. Now that I had gotten a second chance to live, what do I want to do with my life? It reminded me of the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

This question has slowly and totally opened a door for me to create and reclaim my life. I was not the baby elephant whose leg was tied onto a big pole and no matter how hard I tried I could not free myself. I was a full grown elephant who had just forgotten how powerful it was! That pole represented all of my old limiting beliefs that had been keeping me in my own self-limiting jail. But now, I am going to pull that pole out of the ground and break it to pieces. Off I go to live to my full potential!

Did you see? Grief is not just a painful journey but can also be a liberating one if you are willing to explore the power of grieving.

My current home today
My home before moving in

The top picture is of my current home and is the result of me daring to build a new life that I desired and deserved. You can see from the picture below that what my condo looked like BEFORE I moved in and made it my own. I have always dreamed of a clean and simple home so I made it happen. I decorated it all by myself and love seeing it every day when I open my eyes in the morning. Now it is time for me to move forward to my next chapter, married to my best friend and for us to build a new life together!

In a million years, I had never thought I could come out of my grief so much stronger, wiser and happier! Are you ready to learn how to use the power of grieving to suffer less and heal faster? Are you ready to dare yourself into building the new life you desire and deserve? Check out my free webinar to learn how:

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