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Gracefully Grieving: How to be a Blessing to Others

I’ve been listening to Joyce Meyer’s teachings about God’s word daily for a few months now and I absolutely love it! My future sister-in-law Chris surprised me with a gift of the book Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer. This book contains great short reminders everyday and I really love all of them.

One of these recent reminders is called “Be a Blessing to Others.”

One way this has helped me and many of my students to feel more compassionate about our life and of others again after losing our loved one is through helping others by being a blessing to others. There are so many benefits that come from blessing others!

1. It helps create joy for others and we experience joy again through the process of blessing others.

2. It keeps us from becoming totally focused on our loss.

3. It helps us remember what is truly important in life: trusting God and doing good.

After my late husband passed away, the being a blessing to others list of mine includes: doing volunteer work, donating time for charity events, raising money for breast cancer, etc. Through all of these blessings, it has made me appreciate more of what I have and more grateful for the chance to serve others.

The thing is, we often think that we have to do BIG things to really make a difference and bless someone. But I know for myself, it’s often the “little” things that people have done for us that have blessed us the most.

Below are some ideas on how to bless others.

1. Share a smile with a stranger.

2. Ask someone about their day and really listen to them tell you about it.

3. Give a hug to someone (when social distancing is no longer needed).

4. Write a note/text message of appreciation or encouragement to someone.

5. Cook a meal for a sick person or young parents with a new born baby.

Another way to be a blessing to others is to HEAL ourselves. I have always believed that the best gift we can give others is our happiness. I am not talking about the polite smile we sometimes put on. I am talking about the real, radiant joy from inside of ourselves. Are you ready to heal yourself and be that blessing to others? Check out my free webinar now to learn how:

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