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Gracefully Grieving: The Danger of Unresolved Grief

What has scared you the most after losing your loved one?

After working with many women who are grieving, I have noticed that they all have one thing in common. It seemed like they all believed on some level that there was no way for them to suffer less and heal faster from their grief and therefore they seemed to have no hope for the future. It appeared that life had lost all meaning and they couldn’t see themselves being happy again.

What’s the biggest danger these women face when they hold these beliefs?

Holding the above beliefs will cause these women to be stuck in their grief for years!!!

Unresolved grief affects many aspects of our lives without us knowing it. It is very possible to remain stuck in grief for 5 years, 10 years or even your whole life! I have seen women stuck in grief for 20+ years!!! How many 20 year periods do we have in a life time, right? The effects of unresolved grief could make it difficult to create or maintain a new relationship (due to fear, guilt and shame), develop chronic illnesses (due to shame and guilt), weight problems (from fear), and even financial difficulty (from fear, guilt and shame).

If holding these beliefs leads to so many issues, why does anyone choose to believe them?

The answer is that these women are relying on false information which leads them to buy into these false beliefs.

Below are some very common false beliefs about the grieving process:

#1: We have no power over our grief. The only way to deal with grief is to just let time heal us.

#2: Time heals. People believe that after the memory fades of losing a loved one that their pain will fade away too. What they don’t know is that these emotions remained trapped in the body if they are not dealt with. Years later, these emotions may prevent them from living a fulfilling life again or can manifest into chronic pain issues or another types of illnesses. In some cases, these illinesses could be cancer.

#3: Grief never ends. There is the belief that once you lose someone, you are doomed and confined to a grief jail forever. What this means is that a grieving person can always be triggered and that they will never heal. What a hopeless way to see life!

#4: Just snap out of the emotions you are feeling while grieiving! It is believed that expressing emotions related to your grief is a sign of weakness. Therefore, accepting your emotions and working through grief brings shame to the griever and therefore should be avoided.

#5: Grief is a roadblock and nothing good can come from grief. No one wants to be in the grief club because it is the equivalent of endless lifelong suffering.

How many of you still believe these false beliefs right now? I know I believed in all of them at the very beginning of my own grieving journey. But later on, I found out a surprising fact and a crucial piece to the grief puzzle. What is the truth about grief?

Emotions are energy. In fact, emotion means energy in motion. Grief is a whole package of intense emotions that are the result of an internal volcano erupting within ourselves that was caused from the internal earthquake of losing a loved one. To treat energy problems, only energy healing tools will work. Taking drugs, the passage of time or running away from your grief will NOT help you heal. This makes perfect sense, right?

When God created humans, he gave us white blood cells to fight any infections or diseases that attacked our bodies. He also gave each of us a similar built-in healing power within our subconscious mind. We simply just need to know how to tap into it to use it.

When we learn how to use our own energy to heal ourselves, we become our own healers!

I am very excited to share with you that teaching you how to tap into your subconscious mind in order to heal yourself is at the core of my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Course. The best news is that this course will launch on 11/30 of this year so stay tuned in. If you would like to suffer less and heal faster from your grief, sign up to gain access to my FREE 6-part video series here:

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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