Gracefully Grieving

Gracefully Grieving: Choosing a Path Towards Growth

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My mom became a widow when she was 44 and she decided her life was over. She has been living a standard single widow life for almost 30 years now, still crying and blaming all her troubles on the fact that she is a widow. When I became a widow at 43, I didn’t even know if I had a better choice than my mom. However, I truly believe that no matter what happens, as long as I am determined to make the best out of every day, determined to learn, grow, and to work through my pain, I will be all right. With this attitude and the desire to learn, I found and created a much better choice than my mom. I have used my Gracefully Grieving energy healing process to heal myself and am now living my dream life again.

My late husband and I could talk about anything. One of the topics we had discussed was concerning my personal life after he passed away.

I remember that this talk took place a couple of months before his departure. His doctor had just told us that he had less than 6 months to live. Once we came home from the hospital, I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore. I was choking up as I said to him “You are such a jerk! How can I find someone like you?!” I remember him smiling and looking into my eyes as he said “you are right. You can’t find anyone like me but you will find a different love.”

That was about 4 years ago and he had been right again! About 2 years after I lost my late husband, I felt ready to date again and I met someone. This person was very different but I felt so close to them. After dating for 2 years, I married my best friend on October 21st of this year.

Women have traditionally been expected to fit certain labels and standards that limit us as human beings from growing and thriving. For example, a grieving woman should look sad, lack any spark in their eyes, should have dull skin, and shouldn’t care about our hair, makeup, or clothes that she wears. A grieving woman is expected to be miserable to show how much they love and respect their deceased love one. These are just some of the common traits society has about a grieving woman.

A grieving woman CAN still be a powerful woman who lives her life fully after getting out of the dark hole of grief. In fact, I have seen many women come out even stronger, wiser and happier! Many of us are now living a life that has it all: peace, health, love, wealth and perfect self-expression.

We often think that there is no love, joy or hope after losing a loved. We have even thought that no joy can exist during the COVID pandemic. But all of these thoughts are just simply limiting beliefs. Love can grow and blossom anywhere and anytime if you are ready to heal yourself and are determined to work through your loss and past traumas.

Did you notice earlier in this post the two totally different paths taken by my mom and I? Are you wondering how I have suffered less and healed myself faster from my grief? In the next few weeks, I will share my whole Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process that has healed me and many other women from grief! If you would like to suffer less and heal faster from your grief, sign up to gain access to my FREE 6-part video series here:

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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