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Gracefully Grieving: What Do You Fear About Grief?

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After working with many women who are grieving and also drawing from my own grieving experiences from losing my dad and my late husband, I noticed a common theme. Below are some questions all of us suffering with grief should be asking ourselves:

What problem, pain, frustration or uncomfortable reality are you currently dealing with and want to move away from?

All of us in grieving are facing intense emotional pain from grief (anger, fear, shame, guilt, regret, etc,.) that I call it the grief attack!

How are grief attacks affecting our lives? What negative ripple effects are caused by them? What other areas of our life are affected?

Let me paint you a picture to answer this question by using an unnamed grief sufferer.

It has been a while since she lost her husband (or any loved one). Life has finally settled down and seems bearable. But when grief gets triggered and those grief attacks start (which happen often, suddenly and surprisingly), she starts sinking and drowning in pain. Physically, she has trouble sleeping, doesn’t want to eat, can’t focus and has a hard time carrying out a normal daily routine or work tasks. Mentally and emotionally, she is angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, defeated and depressed. Socially, she feels like no one can really understand her so she has distanced herself from others. First, she lost her husband and now, she is losing her own health, maybe her job, family and friends. Does this sound familiar?

What scares us the most?

That there is no escaping from the suffering that comes from grief and there is no hope for the future. Many of us have lost the meaning in our lives and we can’t see ourselves being happy again.

What’s the biggest danger that we don’t even see yet?

Incomplete grief affects many aspects of our lives without us knowing it. We can be stuck in grief for 5 years, 10 years and even our whole lives. The results of incomplete grief can make it difficult to create or maintain a new relationship (fear, guilt and shame), could lead to the development of chronic illnesses (shame and guilt), weight problems (fear), and even financial difficulty (fear, guilt and shame).

Please share your answers to any or all of the questions above and let’s all learn from each other! The bottom line is that pain is just one side of the grieving coin. There is another side I call the grief power that not many people know how to tap into.

I am extending my hand out to you and offering you my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class to show you how you can use your own grief power to turn your life around and to not just survive but live an even better life than before. If you haven’t sign up to watch my FREE 6-part video series to suffer less and heal faster from your grief and/or past traumas, make sure you do it right now!

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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