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Gracefully Grieving: Keys to Rebuilding Your Life After Loss

Today, I want to share with you a recent interview I had with a magazine that you may find interesting. šŸ˜‰

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Q 1: How has personal loss helped you find your inner strength in other aspects of your life?

My attitude towards the unknown has changed and I am willing to take even more risks because the worst thing has happened to me but it turned out I was fine. I thought my broken heart would kill me but I was still breathing and therefore I still had hope, right? I also realized that we are not that delicate and we don’t have to just accept all of the unnecessary suffering if we are willing to heal ourselves. Overall, I know God is with me and he is helping me go through these hard times. I trust that I am safe and that life supports me.

Q 2: How have you used the command of your inner power to further your career and reshape your professional life?

I was a full-time social media lifestyle influencer. When the COVID pandemic started, I realized that the whole world is grieving over either losing a loved one or of our old lifestyle. So many people are hurting but our culture and schools have never taught us how to grieve properly. Many people are suffering with incomplete grief and these strong emotions have manifested into many mental and physical illnesses. So I decided to step up and share my own successful experiences of healing myself from my grief by using my own Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process. Now, I am a grief energy healing coach, grief online course creator and Amazon best-selling author for my book Finding Grace: How to Navigate the Journey from Tragedy to Triumph.

Q 3: How have affirmations helped you achieve your goals, both personally and professionally?

I have been using affirmations for a few years now along with my vision boards. At this moment, these affirmations have made many of my dreams come true. For example, vacationing in Santorini, Greece, finding a publisher, becoming an Amazon bestselling author, transitioning to a full-time life coach, buying my dream house and finding love again! In fact, I just got married during the pandemic. Life doesn’t pause or stop because of loss or for COVID, right? šŸ˜‰

Q 4: What are three tips you’d like to share with someone who has experienced a loss, be it of a loved one, their job, or financial security?

#1: See grief as a great opportunity to heal yourself not just from this loss but also from all of your previous traumas. The best gift we can give to this world and our loved ones is our true happiness. A healed person has so much fewer limiting beliefs to hold them back or resistance to weigh them down. So success becomes easier since you will reduce your self-sabotaging behaviors.

#2: See grief as a journey of giving birth to your brand-new life and believe that you can and deserve to have it all (peace, health, love, wealth, perfect self-expressions and happiness)! Since your old life was shattered, why should you only try to glue these pieces back together? Instead, build a magnificent life from the ground up! It takes pretty much the same amount of time and energy anyway! It is never too late to answer this question “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

#3: Your grief is not a cold that you can just sit there and wait for it to pass. Grief is a whole package of strong emotions in your body. Emotions are energy in motion so if you don’t intentionally clear the energy path to let them pass through you, they will be stuck in your body and manifest into physical illnesses like weight problems and heart problems or as emotional blocks like money blocks and relationship blocks. Overall, everyone has their own built-in healing power within their subconscious minds but not everyone knows how to tap into this power in order to heal themselves. Like everything else in life, grieving is a skill that can be learned and mastered. When you master your grieving, you are not just able to suffer less and heal faster but you will learn how to tap into the power of grieving and come out of it stronger, wiser and happier!

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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