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Gracefully Grieving: What’s Your Source of Happiness?

What is your source of happiness? Your family? Your career? Food? Shopping? Share with us in the comment area of this post.

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Below is my journey of how my source of happiness has changed throughout my life.

1. Birth to 11 years old.

My family was very poor and my parents often physically fought with each other. My mom treated me badly because I was a girl. But despite this, the hunger, frostbite, and being beaten often, I had a happy childhood. I didn’t have a single toy but nature was my play ground. I would climb on trees, catch dragonflies, fish in the pond and play with mud balls. During these years, nature was my source of my happiness!

2. From 12 to 29 years old.

Growing up in poverty in China with an abusive mom, I had always believed that I was ugly, useless, and never good enough. I also believed that I only deserved a secondary life compared to those around me since I was such huge mess. These years were the hardest time of my life. I was so depressed and longed for the love that I had never gotten. Anyone who showed me even a little bit of love during this time I would give my entire heart to. During this time I got hurt over and over again. During these years, love and approval from others were my source of happiness!

3. From 30 to 43 years old.

I met my late husband after I turned 30 years old and had given up on love. He was the first person ever to tell me that I was beautiful and he was also the first one ever to give me unconditional love (something I had never experienced before). When I was 43 years old, I lost him to cancer. During these years, my late husband was the source of my happiness!

4. From 43 to 45 years old.

During the first 3 years after losing my late husband, I read almost a hundred self-help books, watched thousands of self-help videos, finished a couple of year-long personal development training programs and earned a few certificates. All of this helped so much! I started to heal and was amazed by how much I could make myself happy now! Slowly, I built up a very strong foundation of self-love. I no longer needed others to make me happy and I took 100% responsibility for making myself happy! I had become my own source of happiness!

5. From 45 years old to the present.

Every time I felt this love within me, this thing I called self-love, I saw something else there too. Something much more powerful than just me as a human being is capable of, something that is so pure and peaceful. It was in this place that I found God!

After that, with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I made huge progress with my healing process in such a short time! Many of the stubborn old wounds from my abusive childhood, from my abusive relationship in my 20s, from losing my dad during my high school senior year, and then losing my late husband have now quickly healed!

I am totally amazed by how wonderful God is! He is sending so many amazing people and resources into my life to help me heal! I tried everything I knew and worked super hard to get rid of my limiting beliefs and heal myself for years but I wasn’t able to. Now, when I rest in Jesus Christ and ask him to help me, the right people start to show up and the right ideas start to come to me. I have experienced so many aha moments and am truly enjoying this enlightening journey! Walking with God daily has become the source of my happiness now!

What is your source of happiness?

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