Gracefully Grieving

Gracefully Grieving: Grieving Is a Part of Love

We all want love; to give love and to be loved. However, no one wants to experience the loss, death and grief that is connected to that love. It’s just like how everyone wants to be successful but fears failure. Whether we want love and/or success, we must accept the whole package they come with: the good, the bad and the ugly. All we can do is to peacefully accept life for what it is and learn from it. Below are a few thoughts that have come to mind lately. Share with us below if there is anything that you find relevant to your life.

1. Death and loss are part of the natural order of life. We have been taught how to live and love, but we ignore how to grieve and die wisely. It’s a fact that death and loss happen every day and that no one can be the exception. We learn how to prepare for school, for a career, for being a spouse or parent, but we never learned how to prepare for loss or for facing death. Currently, there are not enough educational resources out there to teach us how to properly grieve our losses or how to die wisely.

2. In most cultures, talking publicly about better or more practical ways to love are commonly accepted. But if someone tells you that there is a better way to grieve, there are many people that would be offended. Are we so delicate that we can only handle the pleasant things but not the hard things in life?

3. Grief is a part of love that everyone will experience. For me, a full love cycle has 4 stages. First, love is born or found (through blood, adoption or romantic relationship). Next, our love grows and develops (this stage can be lifelong with many ups and downs). Then love dies on the surface level (a loved one passes away, divorce, break up, growing apart, etc.). The final stage is grief. Grieving is the natural process to recovering from our loss and of finding new meaning in order to live a different life.

4. Why do I say love dies on the surface level? Because deep in our souls, we still have the ability to keep the connection of love alive if we choose to. We have the power to transform our physical love into spiritual love which means that your deceased loved one now can live in your heart 24/7 and they will never leave you. True love is eternal love that can flow across time and space. Of course, we can also lovingly let go of the love we had before. But either way, we all go through a period of grieving in order to adapt to our new life without focusing on what our lives used to be.

5. The first 3 stages of love are (1) walking towards each other and (2) walking together towards some common goals.(3) The last stage, which is grief, is walking back alone to yourself and to your self-love so you can recover and rebuild. In the future, you will have more love to give and have the courage to walk with someone or something new again.

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