Gracefully Grieving

The Better Way To Heal From Grief

You are 100% capable of RESCUING yourself!

When God created humans, he gave us white blood cells to fight off illnesses which allows our physical bodies to heal. He also gave each of us a built-in healing power located in our subconscious minds. We simply just need to know how to tap into this power in order to use it.

This new way of treating grief is to use Energy Healing techniques. It is a newer area that most people are not familiar with. Here is how it works.

Emotions are energy. In fact, emotion means energy in motion. Grief is a whole package of intense emotions. In order to treat energy problems, it would make sense to only use energy healing tools, right? Taking medicine, the passage of time, or running away from your grief is not going to help.

The best part is we don’t need to depend on someone who has special healing powers to heal us. We ALL have this built-in healing system within our subconscious minds!

It took me more than 20 years of using traditional methods to heal from the grief of losing my dad during my senior year of high school. Now, after using my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process, in about 3 years I have healed from my grief and am living my dream life again after my late husband passed away! Did you see how I was able to save myself from 17 additional years of suffering?

For many of you, It has probably been a while since you lost your loved one. Life has finally settled down and seems bearable. However, you find yourself facing an intense, emotional pain and suffering from your grief (in the form of anger, fear, shame, guilt and regret). I call this the “Grief Attack!” When grief triggers and a grief attack starts (often suddenly and by surprise), you can feel yourself sinking and drowning in pain.

Have you ever curled up on the floor and sobbed for hours? Have you ever felt that you were so lonely in a grieving jail that no matter how much you yelled, swore or begged, you were stuck in this jail forever? It can seem like there is no escape from the suffering of grief and that there is no hope for the future. Are you losing meaning in your life and you can’t see yourself being happy again?

Physically, you may have trouble sleeping, lack an appetite, are unable to focus and are having a hard time carrying out a normal daily routine and/or work schedule. Mentally and emotionally you feel angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, defeated and depressed. Socially, you feel like no one can really understand you and therefore you have distanced yourself from others.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I fully understand because I used to experience the same things. With my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process however, you can finally achieve less suffering and faster healing!

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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