Gracefully Grieving

Going Through Grief with Grace

Every month, Paula and I host our monthly live session “Going Through Grief with Grace.” The purpose of these live sessions is to discuss grief related topics and the approach Paula and I take when discussing grief is quite different from what you have heard before.

Since I recently got married to my best friend, there are a lot of people who have asked me how to navigate the dating and relationship world while going through the grieving process. So today Paula and I will discuss the topic of how to love after loss.

One of the biggest mistakes women make during grieving is to enter into another relationship before healing themselves. Watch our whole video session to see why and what you can do to heal yourself faster and be ready to start a new relation below to learn more.

If you are planning to enter the dating phrase of your life soon, I am currently offering a free 6 part video series to help those dealing with grief and learning how to move forward with their lives after loss. You can use the link to watch my latest video:


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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