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Enroll In My Gracefully Grieving Online Class Now

Registration for my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class’ is closing early.

Make sure you secure your spot while you still can:

The plan was to keep registration open until Sunday, December 13th but I’m approaching the upper limit of the students I can accept into my class.

For that reason, enrollment will close on Sunday, December 6th at midnight PT.

Make sure you secure your spot before it’s too late:

I’ll see you later 😊


P.S. Everyone is raving about my class so far and we’re having a great time in the mastermind group. I’ve never seen such an active, dedicated and determined group of women all helping each other out. The result has been less suffering and faster healing for everyone.

For those of you who missed signing up for my early bird waitlist and we’re missing you in the class.Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

Join us before it’s too late:


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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