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Live in the D: How I Learned to Live Gracefully

Yesterday morning at 10 am, I appeared on WDIV Local 4 for their weekday “Live in the D” show. Live in The D is a weekday lifestyle show that airs and streams live at 10am on Local 4 WDIV in Detroit. This show takes the time to showcase the positive things happening in the neighborhoods and communities in and around metro Detroit.

Yesterday’s show featured an interview I had with reporter Michelle Oliver regarding my life story. I had a lot of fun being interviewed by Michelle and really appreciate everything she did to make the segment happen! I would also like to thank Live in the D for letting me share my life story on their program.

Looking back on where I started, I cannot help but feel gratitude for everything that I have today in my life. If you missed the interview, you can check it out now by watching the video below!

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