Living Gracefully

Life After Loss: Moving Forward With God’s Blessings

This past Monday was the 4 year anniversary of my late husband Bob passing away. A few days before it, I mentioned it to my husband Matt and told him this day was coming up. He gave me a big hug and told me “sorry.”

A few people have asked me the following question “Is Matt ok with you talking about your late husband all the time?”

Great question, right?

I was worried at the beginning too. About 6 months after we started dating, I was focused on promoting my book Finding Grace. In this book, I talk A LOT about my late husband. In fact, I dedicated this book to my late husband Bob. It seemed like it was time to clear the air so I brought it up and directly asked him “what do you think about me talking about Bob all the time on social media? Does it make you uncomfortable or upset you?”

He smiled and said without any hesitation “Of course I have no problem with it. He is part of who you are today and you are helping others by sharing your stories. I am happy that he treated you so well. He sounds like a great guy!”

I asked him the same question again a few days ago after we had been married for 3 months and he gave me the same answer. By the way, my book Finding Grace is on sale now for $17 (price includes tax and shipping fees if you live in the U.S). Click here to get your copy now!

During my yoga class, we are always asked to list 5 things to appreciate at that moment and my late husband and my current husband have always been on that list. I am very lucky to be loved by two great men!

After studying God’s word, I know all of my luck is not luck but that it is God’s blessings. So number 1 on my 5 things appreciation list has always been God. With God’s love and wisdom, I was able to look beyond where I was at that deeply devastating moment of losing my late husband and see through the darkness, hopelessness and believe that somehow I would be fine.

At beginning, I didn’t know what FINE looked like for me without my late husband but I knew that all I could do was make the best out of every day. I was dreaming that someday all of the nonsense would make sense and that all of the pain would feed my growth (and it did).

My point is, no matter what devastating situation you are in right now, just know that we are not that delicate. With God’s help, we are all able to look beyond where we are now and know that there is A LOT of great life to still live after loss, failure or illness.

Share with us how you looked beyond where you were to see hope again!


First there was Finding Grace, Now I am Living Gracefully!

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