Make Your Goals a Part of Your Everyday Routine

Sunday was the last day of the first month of 2021. How is the new year going so far for you? Are you still on track with what you planned on doing? Now is a good time to go back to review your progress and adjust accordingly.

One thing I have learned in order to reach my goals more often is to make my daily routine a true reflection of my goals (or my priorities). If I don’t plug in what I need to do on a daily basis to reach my goals, then my goals just become nice wishes or dreams.

In my book Finding Grace, my goals (or priorities) had changed a few times. At the beginning of the book, my priority was to take care of my late husband while he was going through his cancer treatment. After he passed away, my priority changed to simply surviving without him. Then about one year afterwards, my priority once again switched into developing self-love, finding myself, building a new life and new business by myself. By the way, my book Finding Grace is on sale now for $17 which includes tax and shipping fees if book is shipped within the US. Click here to buy your copy now!

Now 4 years after losing my late husband, I recently got remarried and became a wife and mom again. My priorities have naturally changed again. There is no surprise that my focus is more on my family and less on my business.

But one big thing I am even surprised to notice about my new priorities is that my main priority is NOT on my family, it is on God. I remember my Bible study teacher stating “if there is only one thing you learn from the Bible, it is that the teaching of the right order of life is also the right order of priorities in our lives.”

So what is the right order of priorities in my life now? After walking with God for one year now and witnessing the many miracles he has made in my life, and my loved ones lives, I know for me it will always be God first from now on. Since he knows everything so much better than I do and he can do everything that I am not capable doing, why not just shut up and listen to him, right? Lol!

Since God is number one on my priority list, I spend about 20 minutes every morning praying and talking to him now. Then I spend another 30 minutes reading my daily devotional and talking to God again about what I just read. This conversation with God is usually carried out throughout my day while I am cleaning, doing laundry or driving. I always love hearing back from him and seeing how effortlessly he can just resolve my lifelong hurt and pain in a second. Then, when my husband comes home, I often share with him what I have heard from God and what I have learned that day. Our conversation usually either deepens or widens my understanding of God’s word. Then before falling asleep, I will say good night to God again, give thanks for the day and ask him to bless me with a good night’s sleep.

These daily routines have helped me keep my priorities straight which is to spend time with God. Because of this, I am expecting longer and longer peaceful periods of living and sometimes these peaceful and joyful periods can last a couple of weeks. I really enjoy a long-lasting quiet mind and a quiet heart!

What are your priorities this year? Does your daily routine reflect your priorities?

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