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Women We Love Wednesday Podcast

Wednesday I had the pleasure of being featured on the Women We Love Wednesday (WWLW) Podcast. The Women We Love Wednesday Podcast highlights local female entrepreneurs and allows them to tell their stories in order to educate and inspire others to live their best life. This podcast was created and is hosted by metro Detroiter and female entrepreneur Alexandria Richey (Sasha). Sasha is also the founder and CEO of Dáma detroit, a female-owned, Detroit based clothing line designed for women on the move.

Since episode one, I have been a huge fan of this podcast and was honored to be invited onto the show as a guest. During today’s podcast, Sasha and I discussed my life growing up in China, losing my late husband to cancer and how I have used my life experiences to help others to heal and live their life gracefully.

I encourage you not only to listen to this latest episode I am on but to also listen to all the other great past episodes and future episodes that will be featured. To find out more about the WWLW Podcast and to stay up to date with their latest episodes, check out their website

Thank you again Sasha for having me on and to listen to this podcast episode, click here.


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