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What does Finding Grace Mean to You?

Did you know that the original title of my book was called From Widow to Boss Lady? My publisher suggested that I change it to Finding Grace and I love that I did!!

What does the title Finding Grace mean to you? The many people that have read my book have their own different interpretations. Below is my interpretation as an author at this very moment of my life; I am pretty sure it will change accordingly as I keep learning and growing. šŸ˜‰

Finding Grace is about finding who I am.

My book Finding Grace shows the journey of self-discovery. I go from a poor, ugly and useless girl according to my mom and turn into a young and accomplished career woman living in Shanghai. I then fall in love with an American guy and move to America to marry him. My life suddenly changes from being single to being a wife, stepmom and even a grandma. From barely speaking English to obtaining a teaching certificate in America to support my family. From a full-time teacher to a fashion blogger. Then I lost my late husband and became a widow. The wheel of life never stops moving forward and grief forced me to re-identity who I was once again. I ended up quitting my full-time teaching job and became a full-time social media influencer. Then I continued growing into an author, a speaker and now I am married again, became a wife and stepmom again as well.

So who I am exactly without all these ever-changing titles? After learning more about God, I know now that I am a child of God and a Christ follower at my core. No matter how my circumstances, roles, and titles change, I know I can do, can be and can have whatever I want through Jesus Christ when my personal desires align with his.

So who I am at this point of my life? I am a girl who enjoys my daily life and determined to make the best out of everyday ordinary life!

Finding Grace is also a journey from looking outward for answers to looking inward instead. This was where I found my self-love and later God’s love. Now I know God has been there for me for my whole life, even before I recognized Him and accepted Him.

So Finding Grace is also a journey of me finding God’s grace. It was not because of how brave and strong I was but it was God there holding the space and providing the peace for me so I was able to still enjoy my life while going through these dark times. Finding Grace is about finding joy in ordinary life with God’s wisdom.

Have you read Finding Grace yet? What does Finding Grace mean to you? By the way, my book Finding Grace is on sale now for $17 which includes tax and shipping fees if shipped within the U.S. Click here to buy now!

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