Living Gracefully

Living Gracefully: Finding Joy in the Little Things

People say Finding Grace is about finding happiness! You can read the whole journey of how I have found my happiness in my book Finding Grace which is on sale for $17 for all U.S. shipping addresses (shipping fee and tax included if shipped with the US). Click here to buy it now!

This past Valentines day, my husband and I spent a solid day together. It felt good to slow down and really look into each others’ eyes to say I LOVE YOU! As you may already have noticed, my primary love language is quality time. šŸ˜‰ What is yours?

Anyway, during this quality time we spent together, he mentioned that he noticed I have the ability to find joy in so many little bitty things. In his words “You don’t need much to be happy.” Lol! True statement! But I still don’t mind getting flowers, gifts and vacations to boost my happiness! šŸ˜‰

Finding joy in the little things was not part of my original personality; I had to learn and develop it. After learning more about the word of God, I understand that every little thing or big thing are gifts from God! I choose to accept these gifts and enjoy them!

One thing I have learned about life is that we always have choices. We don’t have to believe that our personality is set in stone. If we want, we can totally relearn and redevelop a new and different personality.

The same method also works with happiness. We always have a choice of how to view the situation around us and create happiness. For example, I lost my father while in high school. At that time, I chose to believe that I didn’t have a choice. Without my father, I determined that my life was predestined to be hard and miserable. Sure enough, my early life turned out just like I chose to believe it would. Then about 4 years ago, I lost my late husband. This time I had learned so much about life and I made the choice to believe that I would make the best out of it. I chose to believe that I would not just survive but also thrive! Once again, my reality matched the belief I chose. Now, four years after I lost him, I have grown into a much happier person and enjoy a very fulfilled and happy life.

Most of the time, we don’t have control over what is happening, what already has happened, or what will happen, but we ALWAYS have a choice about what we decide to believe about our past, present and future. We choose the attitudes and actions we take towards our life!

There is only one difference between victim and victor and that is our choice to make!

So choose wisely! No matter what, I CHOOSE happiness!

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