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Life Lessons In Success: Coming Together To Make A Difference

In less than a month, Life Lessons In Success will be released to the public. A single person can have a profound impact on the world so imagine what can be accomplished when 36 people can come together and work towards a single goal. What I love most about this book is that those who read it will be able to see that success comes in many different forms. Each story in this book is very powerful yet unique in its own way.

Life Lessons In Success launches on March 21st! If you happen to buy your copy on the launch day (March 21st), you will also receive a bonus ebook on how to use affirmations. One of the authors of the book will also be donating the royalties they make on 3/21 to the National Down Syndrome Society and there will also be donations made to an organization that provides access to bikes so that children in Siem Reap can travel to school.

If you would be interested in helping promote “Life Lessons In Success”, send me a DM through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and/or share a post about the book on March 21st. If you would like to learn more information and receive updates on the book, you can sign up for them clicking here.


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