What essentials will you need for your January wardrobe in 2015 (Part 1)?

New Year equals new beginnings. Let’s build a new wardrobe that’s not only wearable for a working woman but also in sync with the latest trends. 1. Felt Hat This is the universal type of hat that’s flattering to everybody. Here are some examples. If you are just beginning your …


Happy Friday! Another look that puts a smile on my face I can’t erase is this Boho style outfit. A long flowing skirt with a rich warm earth color really anchors this ensemble. I’ve paired the skirt with a long sleeve lace front top that’s covered in very cool fashion …


OK. I just can’t help but smile when I look at this outfit. It screams FUN! Topped by a black sweater that’s playful and lighthearted. Well maybe brighthearted is the better description. Shiny bright jeweled hearts, eyes and other designs break up and add welcome color to the warm top. …

The fox says “Playful AND Polished”!

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Maybe you are familiar with a somewhat silly song called “The Fox”. But you may not know that if you ask “what does the fox say?” to Siri on your Apple device you may just get a silly and fun answer!
And fun is the name of the game for today’s outfit. I paired a cute fox themed sweater with some skinny jeans and a button down shirt for a cool, classy yet casual look. When choosing a basic sweater it’s good to pick one with a few bold graphics. Animals, symbols or characters are all good but don’t overdo! It looks best when confined to relatively small areas like just the front.
For the button down shirt I like the look of a plaid or denim for pairing. If going with the denim make sure it’s a different shade than your jeans for just the right amount of contrast. Add a bit of high society with a statement necklace, a purse with a shiny chain strap and an accent color hat. I’m wearing some suede booties but heels will also work great for this scene.
You’ll look just as at home going shopping as getting ready for your next fox hunt. I’ve never been to Jolly Olde England but have been told that foxes are about as common there as squirrels are at my house so when I do go, I’ll be ready.

Hat and Jeans: From Forever 21
Fox Sweater: Ann Taylor
Denim bottom down shirt: JC Penny’s
Purse and Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Booties: DSW

Tally ho! And Cheers!